Our 12 Favorite Modern Garden Ideas to Get You Inspired

Gardens come in all different sizes and varieties. You may find yourself drawn to a farmhouse chic garden style. Or perhaps you like a wildflower garden where the exterior decor items match perfectly. For those who appreciate modern garden styles, there are many ways to add to your outdoor gardens so they take on a modern look and offer eye-catching appeal. 

You can add outdoor furniture such as a modern bench to your garden space to add a contemporary style to the area. Or, if you like water features, water fountains are always excellent choices when it comes to giving your gardens a more contemporary feel. Modern landscaping will also take your style level up a notch if you want something more than a traditional garden.

When you’re seeking out modern garden ideas, you may not know exactly where to look to find inspiration. We have you covered!

Here are some options you can review for garden inspiration and delve into why these gardens are modern in design:

1. Modern Water Fountain

Modern Water Fountain

When you add a modern water fountain to your garden, you take your outdoor space to a whole new level. This lovely water feature fits perfectly under an awe-inspiring trellis for an ideal finished product. Add this large water fountain to your backyard along with a trellis or simply display this water flowing feature on its own. 

2. Contemporary Planters


Contemporary Planters

Sometimes all it takes to add a modern touch to your garden area is the addition of contemporary planters. These modern flower planters and foliage pots will add a unique touch to your space. You can use one planter to add garden plants to your backyard or buy a few planters to really brighten up the area. You can even add these planters to your garden bar area.

3. Rustic Chic Bench

Rustic Chic Bench

People love to sit in their gardens and smell the flowers while taking in the natural sights that surround them. With this rustic chic unique outdoor bench with modern flair, you can add an outdoor seating area to your favorite spot in the yard. Rustic and weathered finishes often add a modern touch to herb gardens and flower gardens. You may even want to add a few planters around the garden furniture for extra foliage. 

4. Contemporary Fire Pit

Contemporary Fire Pit

If you want a modern fire pit to add flair to your garden, you can choose a style of fire feature such as this one. The multi-material fire pit looks as lovely unlit as it does when a fire is glowing in it. The round bowl shape makes it fit in nicely in a wide array of spots, including next to your favorite flowers and plants in the garden. 

5. Sleek Seating Area

Sleek Seating Area

Sometimes it’s not enough to visit your contemporary gardens for a few minutes a day. You want to spend as much time in your gardens as possible. Some people like to sit and read a book on their garden deck while other times homeowners even set up an outdoor dining area in their gardens for alfresco meals. This sleek seating area is the perfect dining space and will look fabulous in a wide array of outdoor spaces, including yours!

6. White Stone Flower Pots

White Stone Flower Pots

Sometimes all it takes to dress up a modern garden area is a simple classic style planter. This white stone planter can be filled with flowers and plants of your choosing. This type of flower pot comes in all different sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits well within your garden. If you want to create a modern landscape, adding these flower holders will help you achieve this goal. And you don't have to plant a lot of high maintenance plants and flowers that will take a lot of time to care for in the garden space. You can add low maintenance plants, such as ornamental grasses, and get equal enjoyment without all the work some flowers and plants require.

7. Art Sculpture Water Fountain

Art Sculpture Water Fountain

This fabulous art sculpture water fountain combines artistic creation and water feature in one lovely outdoor decor piece. You can fit this fountain into the corner of your backyard or put it in the middle of your front lawn for all to see. If a contemporary garden piece is what you crave, this style of water fountain is one to consider. 

8. Trendy Tall Garden Planters

Trendy Tall Garden Planters

When you add trendy tall garden planters to your peaceful outdoor space, you’re giving your gardens a modern touch. Choose a vibrant color planter to liven up the area or go with a more subdued color modern planter depending on your tastes. Opt for sleek tall black outdoor planters to add a sophisticated contrast. You can add lush foliage to these planters to really bring out an earthy modern vibe. No matter what you fill the planters with, the smooth glazed pottery planter is sure to look perfect in your own space.  

9. Rustic Fire Pit

Rustic Fire Pit

There are no rules that say you can only enjoy your modern gardens in the daytime. That’s why adding a rustic fire pit to the setting is an excellent idea. Imagine gathering in your contemporary outdoor space, smelling the beautiful blooms around you, and watching the fire crackle before your eyes. Sounds inviting, right? It’s an easy diy project to add a rustic style fire pit to your outdoor space so you can enjoy the area at any time. 

10. Waterfall Wall

Waterfall Wall

When you add a waterfall wall to your garden area, you can give your space a contemporary vibe with ease. You can use this type of waterfall feature all day long and even add outdoor lighting to take advantage of using the waterfall all times of the day. This modern waterfall will give your patio garden area the soothing attributes all garden spaces should have. And if you're interested in adding unique container plants or climbing plants, this waterfall wall provides an excellent location to do so.

11. Large Bubble Water Fountain

Large Bubble Water Fountain

If you crave that one outdoor decor piece that will turn your ordinary gardens into an extraordinary contemporary space, this large bubble water fountain is it! This large urn style fountain has a bubbling water spout on top where water flows out and trickles down to the rock space below. The square base gives this fountain a truly modern design. If you want a focal point in your modern gardens, this fountain is sure to do the trick. And when you add surrounding plants the fountain really stands out!

12. Modern Statuary

Modern Statuary

There are many modern decor pieces you can add to your side gardens to improve the overall look. This garden statuary is a prime example of this. When you add this decorative art statue to your flower gardens, you can add a unique touch to your relaxing space. This statue is tall enough to stand amongst the flowers and foliage but narrow enough to fit in quite a few different spaces. If you want to add even more modern style to this statue, add some twinkling fairy lights! You'll see how a few lights make all the difference.

Choosing the Best Modern Garden Accessory

Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of some modern garden accessories, you might wonder how best to improve your gardens. You can make your gardens more contemporary by adding a modern fire pit, placing new trendy planters in the space, or adding a water fountain.

Before you choose a modern garden design product for your outdoor dining space or gardens, consider the following questions:

  • Where will I put the new modern garden product?

  • How big should the item be?

  • Do I want natural materials?

  • Will this product look good with my flowers and plants?

  • Do I have enough space for the item?

  • How much money do I have to spend on this new garden accessory addition?

When you consider these questions, you will find your way to the best modern garden accessories available and use them to add to your modern garden ideas. You can pick the ones you will receive the most enjoyment from when they’re displayed in the gardens around your home, even in your garden room.

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