Concrete Bird Baths - Everything You Need To Know

Concrete bird baths are unique outdoor decor items that serve a very important purpose. In addition to providing an aesthetic decor piece to place outside for all to see and admire, they provide a way for you to help your backyard bird friends stay cool and content. You can watch these beautiful winged creatures on a daily basis and enjoy all the lovely visions of nature from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re new to concrete bird baths, you may be wondering how to choose a birdbath, what features you should look for when doing so, how to properly care for your concrete birdbath, and other important factors. The following bird bath information will help to make your decision easier as it provides the finer details on concrete birdbaths.  


The Finer Details Surrounding Concrete Bird Baths

You might not know too much about concrete bird baths, or bird baths in general, and think that there’s just one type of concrete bird bath. You also might feel as if all birdbaths are built alike, but that’s not the case. Concrete birdbaths come in many different sizes, styles, weights, and construction. And this provides you with a lot of options! 


What Are Concrete Bird Baths?

It’s important to first describe what concrete bird baths are so you can determine if this is a structure you want to add to your property’s landscape. In general, concrete birdbaths are basins, often round in shape, that are perched upon a pedestal stand. These items provide a place for birds, and other backyard creatures, to obtain water to drink as well as have a spot to splash and play.

In addition to the concrete birdbath being a location where birds can drink and cool off, this feature will also provide a lovely focal point on the landscape for all to admire. You can place these outdoor items anywhere in your backyard, from your exquisite gardens to wide open lawn, and your houseguests and family members are sure to enjoy the lovely visions of nature that greet them. 

Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath

Styles of Concrete Bird Baths

Concrete bird baths are available in many different styles. From simple and classic styles to concrete birdbaths featuring more ornate designs, you can find a wide array of selections when shopping for bird baths.

To provide you with some ideas as to styles of concrete bird baths, here are some bird bath fountains you may find in your search: 

  • High pedestal bird baths with inlaid designs on the basin
  • Small bird baths with classic styles
  • Square-top bird baths
  • Multi-tier birdbath fountains
  • Bird baths featuring carved stone features, such as birds and flowers

No matter what your taste may be, you’re sure to find the perfect option when shopping for concrete birdbaths. From bird baths featuring exquisite details that are pleasantly eye-catching to bird bath fountains with more subtle designs, you can choose the product that suits your landscape perfectly.

Benefits of Concrete Bird Baths

If you have been considering a concrete bird bath for your backyard, you might be interested to know some of the benefits to adding this fixture to your lawn, garden, or other outdoor area. There are many benefits you’ll find with concrete birdbaths which will entice you to purchase one of these useful items for your yard.

Here are some of the benefits associated with bird baths and reasons why you’ll want to add a concrete birdbath to your home’s exterior ASAP: 

Provides a Place for Birds to Drink and Play

When you set up a concrete birdbath in your yard, you’re providing a place for birds to get a drink of water, splash in the cool bath, and simply have a great time doing so. Your backyard bird friends will be sure to appreciate the bird bath you’ve set up for them to enjoy, especially during the hot summer months.

Ideal for Bird Watching Aficionados

Birdbaths and bird bath fountains will attract a lot of unique birds. If you are a bird watching aficionado, you’ll be sure to see your favorites as well as some new birds you may never have seen before.

Aesthetic Factors

Concrete bird baths are stylish and aesthetically pleasing in design. They provide a way for you to improve your home or business landscape and dress up your lawn and gardens. Not only will you enjoy the lovely visions these items provide, but so will all the visitors who stop by your house or office.

Covers Up Empty Spaces in Large Yards and Gardens

It’s nice to have a large yard and garden, but sometimes it’s a little too much greenery and not enough additional features. Adding a concrete birdbath to your yard or garden can improve your landscape with a focal point sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Durable Outside Water Display

Concrete bird bath fountains are also durable in design. This type of durable outside water display will look great, all the while withstanding whatever elements may come along. Built of a strong concrete material, you can rest easy knowing your bird bath will continue to look as beautiful and sturdy as it did the day you bought it.

Powys Birdbath Fountain

Caring for Your Concrete BirdBath

Even with the durable nature of a concrete birdbath, you’ll have to take a few different steps to keep it looking great and in the best possible shape. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you enjoy watching visitors fly in and out of your concrete bird bath.

Clean Your Bird Bath Regularly

Keeping your concrete bird bath looking great and in the best possible condition can be accomplished by cleaning it regularly. You should use a stiff brush to really get in the cracks and prevent algae from forming.

When it’s time to clean your bird bath fountain, you should also use a cleaner specially suited for the task. The Fountec Fountain Cleaner enables you to clean your fountain with ease. The cleaner tackles any algae that has built up in the fountain and gets your bird bath back to its original luster.  

Keeping your bird bath clean is not only essential for the well-being of your feathered friends but also helps keep away mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant water.

Keep Your Bird Bath on Level Ground

When you set up your bird bath, be sure to choose a level ground spot to place it on. This will help to keep the water level and prevent spillage. You should also choose a location that’s mostly shaded as this will prevent algae from growing too quickly in the bird bath. 

Store It Properly in Frigid Temperatures

Concrete is a sturdy and durable material but it still needs some care now and again. This is true when it comes to freezing temperatures. During the cold, winter months, store your bird bath in the garage or shed to keep it from freezing and cracking. And make sure it’s dry before you put it away in storage.

If you have nowhere to store it and have to keep it outside, cover it with a couple layers of plastic so it has some coverage. Also, make sure to empty out all of the water so the water doesn’t freeze and cause cracking to occur. 

Check out these do's and don'ts to protect your birdbath from freezing during the winter.

Keep the Bird Bath Away from High Traffic Areas

You should also place your bird bath in areas that don’t see high traffic. This will prevent it from getting bumped and will also create a calmer, quieter atmosphere for birds to enjoy. Your backyard flying friends will be more likely to use a bird bath that’s set off in a quiet spot as opposed to one that’s right next to frequently traveled walkways, for example.

Also, it’s a good idea to place your concrete bird bath in a spot that’s set away from a bird feeder so it won’t get filled up with discarded birdseed that drops down from the feeder. This way you won’t have to clean it out as often if it doesn’t have the debris dropping into it. 

Juliet Birdbath

Concrete Bird Baths Add Style and Utility to Your Yard

There are many wonderful reasons to add concrete bird baths to lawns and gardens. These bird-friendly spots provide a place for your winged visitors to gather, providing them with a spot to get water, and offering you a firsthand glimpse into this natural setting.

When you consider your concrete birdbath options, contemplate the following 

  • Style of bird bath 
  • Size of concrete bird bath
  • Where you’ll place it
  • Accessories you’ll need to clean the bird bath
  • How quickly you can receive your new outdoor decor item

Keeping these factors in mind will help you when you’re shopping for a concrete birdbath and enable you to pick the right one for your yard. It will guarantee that you select the perfect unique bird bath that not only fits seamlessly into your desired area but also enhances the aesthetics once it's in place.

Find your ideal concrete bird bath today and get ready to enjoy an enhanced natural setting in your backyard or anywhere else on your property. 

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