Tabletop Fireplaces

Nothing captures the imagination of your guests like a tabletop fireplace from The Soothing Company. Tabletop fireplaces allow you to enjoy a real flame feature while avoiding expensive installation costs. These functioning art pieces transform any room into an exciting conversation center. You and your loved ones will love the relaxing effects produced by these modern marvels. You are sure to find exactly the style you need when browsing our vast selection of outdoor and indoor tabletop fireplaces. Contact us today to speak with a tabletop fireplace specialist and transform that dull decor into a unique living space.

Table Top Fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces allow you to enjoy the comfort of a real flame anywhere you desire. These units are the perfect addition to your home, apartment, or office. Unlike traditional fireplaces, these units utilize bio-ethanol gel to produce their real flame effects. This fuel burns clean, so you never have to worry about staining your furniture or clothes. You can also say goodbye to that fireplace smell often experienced from wood burning units.

Easy Installation

Tabletop fireplaces are the easiest way for you to start enjoying a fire feature in your home. Since these units don't producer harmful fumes, there is never a need to run expensive ventilation systems. Tabletop fireplaces are all-inclusive in their design. Simply place the unit where you want, and you are ready to go.


Tabletop fireplaces are the best option available for people who desire a portable fire feature in their home. You can quickly move these units from room to room to suit your needs. You can also bring your tabletop fireplace with you to a friends house, or even outdoors. If you want a larger feature, but still need portability, take a look at our Ethanol Floor Fireplaces. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space into the late hours of the night cuddled around these magnificent fire features.


The Soothing Company offers the most extensive selection of tabletop fireplaces to choose from. Our collection includes a variety of styles ranging from sleek modern designs, all the way to more traditional looking models. One of our most popular selections is the Ignis Tower Tabletop Fireplace. Regardless of which model you choose, each unit has a variety of finishes to help you get the exact look you desire.


Not all tabletop fireplaces are created equal. The Soothing Company puts all of our tabletop fireplaces through a rigorous multi-point quality inspection before releasing our products to the public. This ensures that all of our products are of the highest quality.

Advantages of Ethanol Fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces are made possible through the use of eco-friendly bioethanol fuel. Bioethanol fuel is derived from sugars. This natural, clean-burning alternative to gas, allows you the most flexibility regarding installation and portability. Bioethanol isn't harmful to humans, pets, or your belongings.


In addition to being better for the environment, bioethanol is also safer for your home. When using a bioethanol fire feature, your flames are contained to your unit making them safe for both inside and outside the home. This sustainable energy source can burn for hours without growing out of control. This makes features like the Lexington Tabletop Fireplace a perfect addition for anywhere in the home. Traditional fireplaces can sometimes become out of control, and cause damage to your home. Avoid these risks by utilizing the safe alternatives.


Another fantastic feature provided by these unique fireplaces is their ability to produce ambient temperature. Tabletop fireplaces produce real heat because they use real flames. This heat is the perfect amount o add comfort to your home. Tabletop fireplaces should only be used as a supplemental heat source in conjunction with your central heating system.

Adding Fuel

It's easy to add fuel to your bioethanol able top fireplace. Bioethanol is available in liter bottles. Simply refill your fireplace ethanol canister, and you are ready to continue enjoying your tabletop device. Say goodbye to the days of gathering and chopping firewood from the cold. Now you can restart your fireplace in less than five minutes.

Lighting Table Top Fireplaces

Lighting your tabletop fireplace is also simple. A long match or wand lighter is all that is needed to get these hypnotizing fire features started. The ease of lighting makes these units ideal for anyone looking for a quick start fire feature option. When you are done using your tabletop fireplace, use the damping tool to extinguish the fire.

Cleaning Your Table Top Fire Feature

Cleaning your tabletop fire feature keeps it looking great. Warm water and a little bit of soap are all that is required to clean these units. Keeping your fire feature clean helps to ensure that it functions correctly, and improves the life expectancy of the device.