Outdoor Fireplaces

Start getting the most out of your patio with an outdoor fireplace from The Soothing Company. These devices are the perfect way to bring family and friends together to enjoy the night. Gathering around a fire with loved ones is one of the oldest ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Now you can get all of that enjoyment directly from your own outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces compliment your outdoor decor perfectly, and they allow you to use your patio, even during those chilly autumn nights. Now you can enjoy all year round fun with your loved ones thanks to the innovative designs found in today's outdoor fireplaces. See from our vast collection of outdoor and indoor units.


Your yard is an extension of your home. Unfortunately, many of us today are missing out on enjoying our outdoor living space because of weather or entertainment related reasons. In the past, gathering around a campfire with loved ones has been one of the best ways to appreciate nature and share bonding moments with close friends. Today, outdoor fireplaces provide you with all the creature comforts of a campfire, but with a touch of luxury.

Outdoor fireplaces generate real flames and heat. This heat allows you to keep on enjoying your patio, even during the chilly fall and early winter months of the year. If you live in an area that gets snow for a large portion of the year, you should consider looking into acquiring one of these handy devices. You will get endless hours of enjoyment from your outdoor fireplace, regardless of the season.

Modern Living

Today's modern living continues to meld the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Outdoor fireplaces create an extension of your indoor comforts and allow you to combine your decor in both locations seamlessly. These functioning art pieces provide you with real flames, which produce real heat.

Maximize the Great Outdoors

Tired of heading inside when the sun begins to set? Well, now you can keep the festivities going with an outdoor fireplace from The Soothing Company. All of our units are designed to withstand years of use, without failure. You and your loved ones can enjoy years of added comfort thanks to the durable construction of these devices.

More Selection

No matter what the style of your home, there is an outdoor fireplace to suit your decor needs. These units come in a massive variety of choices to select from. Our catalog is packed full of awesome and amazing outdoor fireplace options to consider.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are among the most popular type of outdoor fireplace in existence today, one of our most popular being the timeless Bryon feature. These units are easy to install and require very little maintenance to keep running. Outdoor fireplaces, such as fire pits, burn real wood to create fire. The units sit off of the ground to allow maximum airflow to your burning wood. This airflow increases the level of heat produced by these devices.


Chimineas are another form of outdoor fireplaces which is hugely popular. These units, such as the Blue Rooster Sun Stack, look similar to old wood burning stoves in many aspects. The raised, and often decorative, chimney keeps the smoke from your fireplace out of your face, and off of your clothes. This style is the perfect outdoor fireplace for someone looking to enjoy the benefits of a real wood burning fire but without all of the negatives, such as smelling like a campfire.


Propane outdoor fireplaces eliminate the need for gathering firewood. Propane units only require a small propane tank to be attached to produce real flame effects. These units are ideal for areas where wood isn't readily available.


Gel fireplaces utilize clean burning gel to produce their flames. They are among the easiest to install because they don’t require any line, ventilation, or additional products to function making them one of the easiest outdoor fireplaces to install. 

Bio Ethanol

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are the most advanced fireplace options available on the market today. These units burn clean, eco-friendly bio ethanol to create fire. This clean-burning fuel leaves no harmful byproducts. It will never stain your clothes, and you won’t stink like a campfire. Bio ethanol is made from the fermentation of sugars.

The Soothing Company Knows Outdoor Fireplaces

No matter what type of outdoor decor you have, The Soothing Company has an excellent outdoor fireplace for you to consider. Your yard and patio are often one of the least used locations in your home. Change all of that, and start maximizing your outdoor time, with a select unit from The Soothing Company.