Electric Fireplaces


There are many reasons to add an electric fireplace to your home. These units provide real flame effects without all the messy smoke or soot. Electric fireplaces are the perfect addition to your home. These units are easy to install and maintain. Electric fire features come in a huge selection of styles, colors, finishes, and sizes to fit your decor needs. The Soothing Company knows electric fireplaces. Our expert staff has gathered a catalog of the world’s most elegant and stunning electric fireplaces available. Now you and your loved ones will enjoy countless hours in front of one of our signature units.

Give your home an affordable upgrade by installing one of our exclusive electric fireplaces. These units are the perfect way to enjoy real flame effects without all of the work. Electric fireplaces are hugely popular nowadays thanks to a number of factors. These devices provide the perfect amount of supplemental heating to create a cozy atmosphere in your living space.

Electric fireplaces provide you with a huge advantage over their traditional counterparts. For one, you can say goodbye to gathering wood. Traditional fireplaces are a lot of work. You have to constantly clean your chimney, and the surrounding fire space to prevent blockages. Your furniture drapes and even your clothes can smell like a campfire after using a traditional fireplace.

Worst of all, traditional fireplaces are notoriously bad at capturing and projecting the heat they create into your room. The design of traditional fireplaces creates a situation in which the majority of the heat produced by the fire is released through your chimney, instead of into your room as you desire. This design means that traditional fireplaces lose most of their heating capabilities as the heat rises out of your chimney. What’s left is all the smoke and harmful byproducts which are unable to make their way out of the chimney.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric fireplaces are an excellent way to avoid all of these hassles and still get all of the benefits of a traditional fire feature. Electric fireplaces are more environmentally friendly because their design is better suited to provide more heat to your home. Choose between real flames and realistic flame features. Flame features look like real flames and create no harmful byproducts.

Renters can now enjoy the security and comfort provided by an electric fireplace. Since the majority of these units don’t require ventilation, you can install your electric fireplace in any location, regardless of if you own or rent your living space. Apartment owners are one of the fastest growing sectors of the electric fireplace market. For the first time, these individuals can enjoy realistic flame features, without the need to permanently install a fireplace.

Less Work

Nobody likes to go outside in the winter months to gather or chop firewood for their fireplace. This choir can be enough for most people to decide to stick with other, less comfortable forms of heating their home. Additionally, starting a traditional fireplace can prove to be a serious pain when compared to an electric fireplace. Most electric fireplaces include a push-button start. This means no more winter fireplace choirs.

Easy Install

Electric fireplaces are easy to install. In most scenarios, you simply need access to 120V outlet to get your fire feature up and running. There is no need to run expensive ventilation ducting, or all of the other requirements that make a traditional fireplace so expensive to install. Electric fireplaces are the easiest way to start enjoying the benefits of a fire feature in your home. 

Traditional Fireplace Inserts

Traditional fireplace inserts fit directly into your existing fireplace. These devices allow you to get the most out of your traditional fireplace. These fire features are designed to replace your traditional fireplace. Simply remove your old firewood holder, close your chimney, and clean out the ashes in your fireplace, and you are ready to install your new device.

Wall Fireplace

Another huge advantage of electric fireplaces is their ability to be mounted nearly anywhere. Hanging wall fireplaces continue to see increased popularity because of their streamlined design and super easy installation. These units are the perfect addition to your home or office and most can be installed in minutes.

Electric Fireplace - The Perfect Selection

The Soothing Company is a pioneer in the electric fireplace sector. Our expert staff can help you to find the perfect unit for your home. Browse our impressive catalog to locate your next fireplace today and say goodbye to all those traditional fireplace woes.