Adagio Fountain Accessories

Hood Covers

These water features are made with an open hood. You can add either an indoor or outdoor hood cover to your water fountain purchase. 

When these features are placed near a stairwell or area where they can be seen from above, you may not want to be able to see into the top. An indoor hood cover is a sheet of black plastic that sits inside the hood and covers the top. It will only be visible if you are looking at it from above. You will not notice it from the front.


 Serene Waters Indoor Hood Cover  Indoor Hood Cover for Serene Waters



If you are placing your water feature outside, we do recommend you place it in a covered location such as on a porch or under an awning. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures in the winter, you will want to winterize the fountain by  removing the pump, hoses, and cord during the freezing months. We also highly recommend you purchase an outdoor hood cover to keep moisture from getting into the light bar wiring. Outdoor hood covers are made from the same metal trim as your water feature. They have a slight angle to allow water to run off the front. They are also on hinges to enable you to lift them up to access your water distribution unit and hose.


 Wall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover  Wall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover
 Freestanding Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover  Freestanding Water Feature Outdoor Hood Cover


Stone Selection

As all of the stones used in these features are natural, variations are expected. The stone selection option is a wonderful feature that allows you to pick your exact stone from our current inventory. Once you select this option and place your order, a link will be sent showing the stones available in the size and type you've ordered. You then have the opportunity to select your perfect stone and your selection is sent directly to the warehouse to begin production. 



LED Lights

These programmable LED lights are a fantastic upgrade for your feature. With many different colors, color changing settings, and a remote there's no better way to personalize your water fountain to your style and space. LED lights are extremely energy efficient, lasting up to 13 times longer than our standard halogen lighting and using around 75 percent less power. They also run much cooler ensuring their longevity and the preservation of your feature. 




Fountain Cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining your feature is crucial in ensuring its longevity and function. Protec is a concentrated cleaner that provides strong surface protection. When properly diluted it works to prevent white calcium deposits, remove stains on the surface material, and prevent pump damage from mineral buildup.

If you're considering your fountain for outside use, the Fountec cleaner is the best option for you. It provides the additional protection against algae and works to keep your water crystal clear.

Please note: The Fountec and Protec cleaners are not recommended for features with a logo.