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Ignis Products are regarded as one of the premier ethanol fireplace manufacturers in the country. This firm has been a pioneering force in the development and introduction of ethanol fireplaces for at home use. Since 2011, Ignis Products has been delivering on their promise to provide homeowners with the very best product possible at an affordable rate. Today, Ignis Products is considered an industry leader in this field and their reputation continues to grow.


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All About Ignis Products

American Made

One of the secrets behind this company’s success is their choice to remain a grassroots operation. Ignis Products is a proud member of the New York community and this firm has participated in numerous community-focused events. Local residents make up the majority of their workforce, further adding to their contributions to the community.

Quality Craftsmanship

Ignis Products is known for their commitment to quality. Each unit undergoes an intensive quality control inspection to ensure that clients only receive the very best. The craftsmanship of their products speaks for itself and Ignis is consistently recognized as one of the best ethanol fireplace options on the market. When only the best will do, you should consider Ignis.

More Selection

Few manufacturers can provide their clients with a selection as extensive as Ignis provides. This manufacturer has managed to create an impressive catalog of products that range from wall hanging fire features to small tabletop fireplaces. You are sure to find the perfect fire feature to suit your needs and every unit comes with a plethora of finish options to choose from. This can make finding the perfect fire feature easier than ever. The added customization can give you just the touches you are looking for to complete your décor.

Green Technology

Ignis raises the bar in the industry in terms of sustainability. This firm has dedicated their product line to better the world around us and this is evident in their decision to focus on clean-burning ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a great alternative to traditional fireplaces as it burns clean.

This eco-friendly alternative gives homeowners the ability to enjoy a fire feature in any room of the house with ease. There is no need to run ducting as there is no harmful cancer-causing smoke to avoid. Ethanol is quickly becoming the go-to option for homeowners looking for more flexibility and sustainability in their homes.

Ignis Products - The Evolution of Home Décor

Ignis Products has taken the reigns of the eco-friendly fireplace industry and this company continues to develop new and more efficient ways to keep you comfortable and stylish. Their products add the perfect amount of elegance and sophistication to your home or office.

When you are ready to upgrade your décor and your lifestyle, the sustainable options provided by Ignis can be the perfect option to consider. You will be impressed with the value you get and the quality of their products. This is exactly why Ignis is considered one of the best in the industry.