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Cast Stone Fountains

Having a cast stone outdoor fountain in your life can change things in ways that you had not previously realized. But finding the right water feature – the one that fits your design aesthetic, that provides the right ambiance, and the one that will stand up to the test of time – can be usually found in our concrete fountain section. Our cast stone fountains are made with special concrete (mixed with fiberglass) to help make sure your outdoor fountain is made to last.


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Bringing Style and Class

Cast stone fountains literally bring a certain natural beauty to the table with fountains like the M-Series Pebble Fountain, that some other styles just don’t match. This is because it invokes that feeling of nature, enjoying time in the great outdoors, the sound of the falling water both soothing and relaxing.

Stone is also one of the most common features of waterfalls. Having a feature like this can invoke feelings of sitting out near a waterfall, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the tranquility of that falling water that we all know and love.

Having the right concrete fountain can also bring class and luxury to any outdoor space. Perhaps you have been meaning to spend more time in an outdoor area, but just aren’t drawn to it as you had hoped.

With a concrete fountain, you will likely find any and every excuse to get outside. Sitting near the cool, calming feature will provide the level of ambiance and comfort that you had been dreaming of. Pretty soon, you, your friends, your family, and any other guests will be finding any reason possible to slide up near one of these exquisite fountains.

Splash Resistant

It should go without saying, but where there is water, splashing seems like it is inevitable. And with an outdoor fountain where water cascades from top to bottom all day long, it can happen regularly enough to create a real water hazard nearby.

But with splash resistance technology that is implemented in modern cast stone fountains, you no longer have to worry about getting splashed, slipping or falling when you get close enough to actually enjoy it.

The latter can be a real concern for anyone who has young kids or animals in their home. The last thing you want is to implement this peaceful fixture into your yard only for it to lead to injury to a young one or a pet.

With this splash resistant technology, you never have to worry about that again. When you buy an outdoor garden fountain, you should get the luxury of this kind of technology so that you can enjoy the fixture without the nasty splashing.

Having a splash resistant feature like this allows you to use it comfortably and with safety in mind so that no one suffers from a slip and fall.

Vast Selection

Even though the cast stone fountain is a selling point in and of itself, the fact that there are plenty of options such as the X3 Wall Fountain to choose from makes it even more attractive to those looking to add a touch of class and luxury to their outdoor space.

Being able to choose from a litany of textures and colors means that you can create the outdoor aesthetic that you have always dreamed of, pairing it with other aspects of your outdoor space with little to no problem.

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but having a fixture that does not mesh with the rest of the furniture can provide a real eye sore, something that gnaws at you each time that you see it.

Never let that happen again. Pick the color and texture that fits your space the best. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful aesthetic that is created, transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming area unlike any other you have experienced before or since.