When looking for an elegant and reliable water feature, one must always consider BluWorld's collection.  This unique water feature company has seen explosive growth since its inception in 1997.  The Florida-based family-owned business is run by two brothers who decided it was finally time to put their artistic gifts to work. 

    This time-honored family tradition is exemplified in every water feature this company develops.    These brothers put their all into the creation of this now, mega-sized water feature production firm.  Even with their aspirations growing, they managed to hold on to their family ties.  Even the name BluWorld is an acronym for "Brothers Like Us".  It is this strong sense of pride that makes BluWorld a leader in the water fountain industry.

    Currently, BluWorld is the largest custom water feature fabrication plant in the world.  This 30,000 sq. ft. production plant is located in sunny Orlando, Florida.  BluWorld has gained worldwide notoriety for providing amazing water features to a large range of clients globally.

    Made in the USA

    While the brothers continued to expand their operation to include many international options such as Italian marble finishes, they never lost sight of their home, Florida.  Currently, this company is not only providing much-needed jobs to their local community but they are also reinvesting into making Orlando a better place to live.


    The HOMelements brand was developed to serve the needs of homeowners looking for smaller indoor water features.  This intuitive brand now encompasses over a 100 different types of water features to suit your home or office needs.  HOMelements gives you the luxurious feel and quality construction found in BluWorld's larger fountains but at a much more affordable rate.  This is part of the reason BluWorld is one of the fastest growing water feature manufacturers in the industry.

    More Selection

    The engineers at BluWorld have given homeowners much reason to celebrate over the last few years.  Their water features continue to rank high among customer satisfaction, even as their catalog expands to dizzying numbers of options.  BluWorld is combining the best features to produce unique water fountains, unlike anything the competition offers.


    When it comes to innovation BluWorld is leading the pack.  This manufacturer already offers a stunning array of water fountain types including hanging, multi-tier, and tabletop options.  In addition to these timeless water features, BluWorld has also started offering Bio-ethanol fireplaces. 

    The Smart Choice

    When you need to guarantee that your water feature is going to outlast the competition, BluWorld is a smart option to consider.  Few companies have the family background and proven customer satisfaction that is found with this firm and you can expect this legacy of unmatched quality to continue into the future, as new designs and materials continue to be introduced.  This company has grown from a small garage to a world leader because of their commitment to quality and this is an important fact that should never be overlooked.

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