Top 15 Outdoor Garden Benches

The Soothing Company offers a large selection of outdoor art pieces that help beautify your outdoor living space. Outdoor Benches are a necessity for your garden or backyard and The Soothing Company offers a large selection of cast stone garden benches to choose from. Awesome to enjoy while reading a book, pleasant to enjoy the sun or even have a taste of nice coffee! while enjoying the season.

With an outdoor bench, you can even extend the outside season a little longer relaxing and free. Both our goods are inspected for consistency and tested to ensure the highest quality. When choosing a unit of the Soothing Company, this may help you what will buy to your next bench with confidence. also if you wanna learn more about guide for a backyard makeover.


1 – Westland Cast Stone Bench

Westland Cast Stone Bench

Westland Cast Stone Bench offers the chance to enhance the look or other outdoor space in your backyard. It has a simple design for a touch of class and elegance in relief on both sides. Stone benches are both flexible and practical, allowing you to build not only an area of leisure but also when you, your friends, family, and others can enjoy time outdoors too!

2 – Traditional Straight Garden Bench

Traditional Straight Garden Bench

The Traditional Straight Garden Bench offers a detailed design that gives a timeless touch of elegance. It offers an ideal surface for decorative items like vases and pottery. Made of high-quality, fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete with 40"L x 14"W x 16"H dimensions brings old world sophistication to your outdoor environment. As practical as they are elegant, the benches have a chiseled look but they are light enough to make mobility easy. 


3 – Sunflower Garden Bench

Sunflower Garden Bench

The Sunflower Garden Bench is as beautiful as it's functional with a smooth seat surface and a detailed sunflower pattern. Composed of cast stone which is not able to chip or crack from exposure to extreme elements and has been strong over the years. With 48"L x 15.5"W x 16.75"H dimensions made of high-quality, fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete and frost resistant, extremely durable in frigid temperatures. 


4 – X Garden Cast Bench

X Garden Cast Stone Bench

This X Garden Cast Stone Bench is a simple yet elegant design that is perfect for your garden. It is made up of fiber-reinforced cast-stone materials that are lightweight but long-lasting and durable. 


5 – Small Bois Cast Stone Bench

Small Bois Cast Stone Bench

This Small Bois Cast Stone Bench is the ideal bench for your family with simple and modern design. It consists of cast concrete coated with fiber that replicates the appearance of genuine wood. Finish is hand applied by trained artisans to give your outdoor environment with Old World sophistication. 


6 – Straight Woodland Ferns Garden Bench

Straight Woodland Ferns Garden Bench

The Straight Woodland Ferns Garden Bench is the ideal decoration foundation for your house. You love the description below of the ferns, as they improve your garden's beauty. Shown in Greystone (GS) color kind of backless garden bench constructed of high-quality cast concrete with reinforced fiber.


7 – Sagano Cast Stone Bench

Sagano Cast Stone Bench

The beauty of your garden is enhanced by this Sagano Outdoor Stone Bench. You would certainly like to sit down and relax and also enjoy it for visitors and friends! It has an outstanding style of a leaf with 48"L x 15"W x 14"H dimension that has a more elegant look at the design of the edge. 


8 – Ryokan Bench

Ryokan  Bench

Fill this Ryokan Modern Garden Bench with a spot for relaxing. It is made of stone casted concrete, even in the open air with different weather conditions, designed to last a long time. Frost resistant and extremely durable in frigid temperatures.


9 – Provencal Cast Stone Bench

Provencal Cast Stone Bench

This Provencal Cast Stone Bench emphasizes your garden. It may look simple, but it will give you space to position it anyway. Anyone seeing this bench will be amazed by the outstanding nature and natural aging. It certainly lasts longer than those plastic and wooden benches in terms of durability.


10 – Large Bois Garden Bench

Large Bois Garden Bench

This Large Bois Garden Bench is a more convenient and relaxing spot for your garden. The structure is wood-like, and can easily be paired with any décor of the garden. Shown in Brownstone (BS) color, frost resistant and extremely durable in frigid temperatures. 


11 – Hydrangea Leaf Garden Bench

Hydrangea Leaf Garden Bench 

The perfect addition to your garden is this Hydrangea Leaf Garden Bench because of its stunning sheet sculptures add value and elegance to your home. Offer your garden or scenery timeless beauty and a unique look to each piece.


12 – Faux Bois Cast Stone Garden Bench

Faux Bois Cast Stone Garden Bench

The natural texture of the Faux Bois Cast Stone Garden Bench is similar to real stone and is a good garden accent. It is made of a lasting resin to reproduce a stone image at a lower price. As if it were only thoroughly cut from a piece of wood, it provides an enticing spot to rest and enjoy the views.


13 – Curved Woodland Ferns Bench 

Curved Woodland Ferns Bench

This Curved Woodland Ferns Bench is beautiful. This can be mounted on your courtyard or in your backyard. The elegant curve of the seat and the complex fern allows imprints on the legs to establish a classic look immediately. Give your garden or countryside timeless beauty!


14 – Curved West Chester Stone Bench 

Curved West Chester Stone Bench

This Curved West Chester Stone Bench gives your garden relaxed vibes and elegance because of its unique features. This classic piece is beautifully tucked away in the corner of your garden, but big enough to make a strong statement in your yard. It is sure to give your landscape a fantastic touch during the years ahead.


15 – Biscayne Garden Bench

 Biscayne Garden Bench

A great addition to your garden is the Biscayne Garden Bench. It will boost the charm of your home and make it look inviting and luxurious. This garden bench is made of cast stone, weatherproof and life-length guaranteed. A beautiful addition to any backyard, terrace or courtyard.