Top 20 Cat Statues

Cats are one of the most adored pets in the entire world. And why wouldn’t they be? They are, for the most part, cute and cuddly and will show their affection to you in unique ways. For that reason and much more, cats are one of the most popular pet options that there is.

For this reason, it makes sense that people across the globe would want to add a small animal statue of their favorite feline to their indoor or outdoor space even beside of their indoor fountains. Here are a few of the best outdoor statues available in the US market today.

Hemmingway Cat Statue

Hemmingway Cat Statue

This beautiful cat statue is the epitome of peace and tranquility. Available in 14 different patinas, the cat sits peacefully studying from the book in front of him. This makes for a beautiful complimentary piece for any home or setting.

If you are a cat person, this statue can bring the elegance and wisdom that cats convey without being big, bulky, and intrusive. At just 56 pounds, it is easy to move this statue about, giving it a new home whenever you feel like a move is due.


Lazy Afternoon Cat Statue

Lazy Afternoon

Is there anything that says “cat” more than lounging around on a pillow with a look of disinterest painting their face? That is exactly what this statue portrays: a cat lounging around on pillow, still able to lift its head up enough to let you know that they don’t much care for you.

If you are a cat lover, this statue makes for an excellent addition to any space both indoors and outdoors. When you add it to your outdoor space in particular, it feels as though the neighborhood cat is just lounging around like a family friend. Keep cats in your life without even needing an actual cat.

Nap Time Kittens Statue

Nap Time Kittens

There are few things that are quite as cute and peaceful as kittens snuggling together and that is exactly what this statue brings to the table. With 14 different patterns and materials available, you can find the texture and color that really fits your design motif and the way you feel towards cats in general.

These lounging cats look almost like the real deal and make for an excellent addition to any design motif both indoors and out. These lounging cats will give your space the feeling of peace and relaxation as well as a feline touch.

Quintuplets Cat Statue


If you have a strong feeling towards cats as well as family, this might be the right statue for you. With five adorable cats posing as a family, it makes you feel closer to family, friends, and the majestic felines themselves.

Get the right color and texture to fit your current design aesthetic, the cats influencing the space without dominating it. These cats will have anyone who sees them fawning over their adorable nature and it will make you wish that they were real, fluffy, purring cats that you could hold and cuddle as your own.

Shadow Cat Statue


While the quintuplets are certainly adorable and cuddly, Shadow is quite the opposite in representing what cats can be about. This statue displays a sleek, quiet strength, the subject tensed and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Though there are 14 different materials to choose from, one of the darker materials might fit best with the overall aesthetic that this cat statue represents. For the darker spaces in your home or yard, this cat will act as a stoic beacon that draws your attention and your awe each time that you see it. 

Mimi Cat Statue


Yet another contrast in these cat statues, Mimi is the exact opposite of Shadow. Mimi is what appears to be a loveable, attentive cat that just wants a nice snuggle and a few pets. With what appears to be a warm smile on her face and an affectionately curled tail, Mimi is the kind of statue that you will want in your home so that it can warm your soul every time you see it.

Even when using the darker materials, Mimi’s warmth and light still shines through. Not overtly adorable like the quintuplets, Mimi brings a warmth to any space and is a must for cat lovers.

Cat on Pumpkin Statue

Cat on Pumpkin

This is a unique statue for a few different reasons. For one, it makes for an excellent Halloween holiday addition because of the pumpkin. The second is that the cat almost does not feel like a cat in the way that he is perched on the pumpkin like a dark specter staring down anyone who is unwelcome.

Even if you have no holiday plans for this piece, it makes for a unique statue and one that will certainly generate conversation each time it is seen. If for nothing more than being a conversation piece, this is definitely worth it.

Samantha Cat Statue


For those who love cats for their gentle grace, this is an excellent piece for patios and outdoor spaces. Samantha the cat is quietly and peacefully getting a sip of water from her bowl, tail curled up next to her. Though it seems very simplistic in nature, it is one of those statues that projects an air of calm and peace each time you see it.

In 14 different materials and textures, you can tailor Samantha to fit your design space exactly, making it seem like this peaceful cat fits right in with the rest of the space.

Angel Kitty Statue

This statue can tie the best of the feline and religious worlds together to feel like an adorable yet angelic piece. The kitty sits quietly yet stoically, wings adorning its back as it stares forward quietly and thoughtfully.

Having this statue in your indoor or outdoor space allows you to feel as though you have a protective, watchful eye looking over you with the stern patience that a cat can display. Getting the right color and texture for your space is easier than ever so you can have this watchful eye fit in with any design.

Dreaming Kitty Statue

Dreaming Kitty

There is perhaps no statue on this list that matches the peacefulness and tranquility that the dreaming kitty does. Curled up in a comfortable pose, tail moving as it dreams, the cat has a peaceful yet happy look on its face as it goes through its dreamscape.

This is the perfect peace for a window space because where else would a cat be other than lounging in the sun by a window? It will feel like you have a cat of your own when you place one of these statues on a sill and let the sun warm it.

Patience Outdoor Cat Statue


There is one thing that is often forgotten about cats and that is that they are natural hunters. Because they are small in stature and can be the best friend we have all wanted, cats are hunters by nature and have some of those natural skills come to the forefront now and then.

With this statue, the cat is compact and tensed, gaze focused ahead as it prepares to pounce towards its prey. Like any cat, this statue has the silent grace and power behind it that makes cats the natural predators that they are.


Cutie Kitty Statue

Cutie Kitty

While a lot of these statues portray cats in a specific nature that is meant to highlight their unspoken qualities, this statue is just cute, plain and simple. This kitty sits on his hind haunches, front paws slightly off-balance as it gazes off into the distance.

Its face has that adorable kitten quality, a slight grin on its face like it is getting ready to get mixed up in some sort of mischief that only it knows about. Having this adorable little creature in your garden will make space feel like a kitten playground more than anything. 

Sprouts Cat Garden Statue


Speaking of cute, this statue is a cute overload that absolutely feels apropos for a garden space. This statue features a pair of kittens popping out of the top of a potted plan, adorable kitten faces looking around in surprise at their predicament.

Some of the other statues on the list might look a little out of place, but this one would fit in with any space that makes use of ceramic pots. They will make it appear as if a kitten plant is sprouting in the midst of the rest of the plants, amplifying the overall aesthetic of the space.

Checkers Cat Garden Statue


Tall and sleek, Checkers sits stoically with a look of stern patience on its face displaying everything that cats encompass in one pose. Checkers acts as a watchful guardian over any space, sitting at attention with grace and poise.

Checkers displays an aura of wisdom that cats carry and looks like the wise old cat that comes around every so often. This is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, giving you the aesthetic of wisdom and quiet grace that no other statue can offer.

Cleo Egyptian Cat Statue


The ancient sphynx of Egyptian lore is said to have been based on cats. That is perhaps never more evident than it is here with this majestic and stoic cat, Cleo. Though it is laying down, front paws resting properly in front of it, Cleo has its head up high and proudly, surveying the situation with a strength and pride.

In an outdoor space, Cleo can act as a stoic protector, a leader in the outdoor space that is there to handle all matters. Cleo can act as a focal point in any outdoor space.

Tanner Cat Statue


Simply put Tanner is the sweetest cat that you will ever see. He gives off the appearance of the neighborhood cat that visits once every few days for a nice scratch and perhaps a treat. He sits elegantly on his hind legs, chin held highly as he stares into your eyes in wonder.

Tanner can sit on any porch space and fit in as if he belonged in the neighborhood. He will not feel out of place for a moment, bringing a cute and peaceful tranquility to the space making you feel like it will bat its eyes at any moment.

Kitty Garden Statue


Who doesn’t love a kitty? They are tiny and adorable and we all just want to scoop them up and hold them forever. This little kitty is no different. He’s a chubby little thing, sitting on his hind legs, adorable little paws jutted out front, as he stares up into your eyes with an adorable smirk on his face.

This little kitty can go anywhere, indoors or out, and not feel out of place simply because he is so adorable. Using a little brighter of a material, it can feel like a real adorable kitten right there in your home.

Playful Kitten Outdoor Statue

Playful Kitten

Cats are pretty adorable in general but when they are playing with other small animals, it only gets to be that much cuter. Cats can be sweet and gentle when they want to be, and this statue depicts a playful kitten having a fun romp with a friendly mouse.

If you want guests to “oohh” and “awwww” each time they visit, this is the statue that you need to display in your garden space.

Curled Cat Stone Statue

Curled Cat

This statue is simplistic in nature but is perhaps the epitome of cats in general: a cat curled into a peaceful ball sleeping in the sun. That is what many cats do and that is why this statue is as it is.

With 14 different textures and materials, you can find the right color and texture that will fit whatever space that you decide to put this adorable cat in.

Garden Cat Statue

Garden Cat

For any outdoor space, this garden cat makes as a great outdoor specter. He sits seriously, tail curled slightly as if he were contemplating what he is seeing before him. Still, his stern nature indicates that your outdoor space is safe with him there.

This is not a piece that is meant to stand out, but there will be no mistaking it when you see him sitting in the garden thoughtfully and peacefully.

Enhance Your Garden with Graceful Cat Statues

Unveil the enchanting world of outdoor art by adorning your garden with graceful feline statues. These captivating cat sculptures not only infuse charm and personality into your outdoor space but also serve as timeless pieces of art that delight both cat lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Creating a commemorative cat statue is a heartfelt way to remember a lost feline companion.

Whether nestled among your blooms, perched on a patio, or tucked into a cozy garden nook, these statues bring a touch of elegance and a dash of playfulness to any outdoor setting. Explore our selection today and let these graceful cat statues enchant your garden with their presence!

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