How Japanese Water Fountains Are Good For Your Health

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I bet you’ve already seen a  bamboo water fountain  elsewhere. But, have you ever thought of why it is somehow familiar? Why do other people resort to drinking water from a bamboo fountain? Well, there’s more to it than just a fountain of water. In this article, we will learn about the basics and details about a Japanese water fountain  and the famous Japanese water therapy. 

What is a Japanese Water Fountain?

For a long time, many people have liked the Japanese water fountain because it creates a peaceful environment, and these fountains are appreciated in many Asian cultures.

A Japanese water fountain is also called Shishi Odoshi  fountains, and it is one of the most popular kinds of bamboo small fountains. A Shishi Odoshi fountain is a kind of water feature that utilizes the energy of falling water to create a soothing environment. Different designs and artwork are used in Shishi Odoshi small fountains, which includes other types of Japanese art within their design, like bonsai plants or koi ponds.

Most Shishi Odoshi small fountains can be found in Japanese tea gardens and other public spaces where people can gather forcontemplation, relaxation, and meditation. Shishi means "deer" in Chinese, but it also means "awaken," which explains the metaphorical implications of this kind of art. Most versions feature three bamboo tubes that shoot water in various patterns before falling into the basin below. Not to mention, the sound of its dropping water makes everything more peaceful and calming.

What Exactly is Japanese Water Therapy?

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Japanese Water Therapy works by cleansing the stomach and boosting your immune system, thus resulting in a better digestive system. Furthermore, Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning.

The early morning hours are called "golden hours" because it is believed that drinking water at this time can help people lose weight. Drinking water on an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning can help you feel better and can even be good for your health. Japanese water therapy has been shown to assist individuals with arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, eczema, and overall bodily well-being.

This spring has many good minerals that are important for our health. The water in this spring comes from deep under the Earth and it goes through layers of sandstone which makes the water better. Japanese hot springs are well-known to be good for healing, and we get that good energy by swimming in their water. But did you know that drinking their waters can also be very helpful to us?

It is noted that Japanese Water has a number of benefits for our health. As the water enters your body immediately, it can feed and renew your cells, resulting in slow aging and the refreshing feeling of younger skin. Japanese water treatment is a recently found method of treating many illnesses by utilizing hot water from springs to recover quicker after an illness, renewing their cells, and looking younger.

How Does Water Therapy Work?

While water treatment began in Japan, it has spread across the globe mainly due to word of mouth.

First, drink four to five glasses of room temperature water every morning when you wake up. Drinking water before eating or drinking anything else is also considered a good idea. Then, you drink water as usual throughout the day, paying attention to your thirst signals.
 Most people suggest eating 15 minutes at a time with two hours between. Some people even suggest practicing eating healthier to make this method much more effective. Water therapy is not meant to be used for a certain amount of time, but some people have seen benefits after just a few weeks or months, which made them continue to do it until they saw the results.

Weight Loss Through Japanese Water Therapy

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A number of scientific research on Japanese water treatment have been performed, and the weight reduction data for comparable water intake patterns is revolutionary. Water therapy's adequate hydration component, on the other hand, may assist in weight reduction and can allow people to limit their calorie intake. Keep in mind that many other variables, including your general food quality and activity levels, are at work in this process.

Weight loss may be aided by adequate hydration. Drinking extra water may help you feel fuller since water takes up space in your stomach. As a result, it may help reduce cravings and overeating, which may lead to undesired weight gain. In addition to that, studies show that if you drink water instead of drinks with sugar in them, then you will have fewer calories. That means those drinks are not suitable for your weight.

You can also add a 15-minute eating time by the window or have some pauses between meals and snacks to help decrease calorie consumption even more..

What Role Does Water Play In The Body?

The human body is cleansed by drinking water. It aids in the effectiveness of the colon by producing new fresh blood; in medical words, this is known as Haematopasies.

This technique activates the mucosal folds of the colon and intestines. When the colon is cleaned, nutrients from meals may be absorbed and converted into new blood by the activities of the mucosal folds.

What is its significance to our blood? Our blood is about 92% water and is the most essential component of the body. If you drink water on a regular basis, it makes way for the cure of diseases and the restoration of health. No wonder water therapy should be included in your everyday regimen for this reason alone!

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a way to enhance your daily life, the Japanese Water Treatment may be just what you need. People who have a lot of stress, eat unhealthy food, and don't exercise can use this method to reduce their stress levels and improve their gut healthIt also helps with your complexion and energy levels.

 But the best part is that the Japanese Water Treatment doesn't require any equipment, excessive calorie restriction, or expensive gadgets. It's basically just deciding when and how much to drink daily.

So given the benefits mentioned above, it’ll be no worries to take advantage of this trending Japanese Water Therapy today!

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