Top 50 Fireplace Designs

Let’s face it- no matter where you live, a fireplace completes any home and can even be the cozy main attraction or accent to an area. Fireplaces have always been ‘in’ and have remained popular over the decades. So, you have an old and stressed out fireplace (or area that a fireplace would look great in)- what can you do to make it pop? Keep reading to discover the top 50 trending fireplace styles and how to incorporate them into your humble abode.

1. Double-Glass Fireplace

Double-Glass Fireplace

Trendy, unique, modern, and not really what you think of when you hear the word ‘fireplace.’ These are all the adjectives that come to mind with the double-glass fireplace. This is a great choice for smaller living situations, as it can be added to the walls, kitchens, and even kitchen islands. They are quiet and produce just as much heat as any other fireplace all while being virtually maintenance-free and looking luxurious.

Regulations passed in 2015 declared that glass fireplaces require a barrier to prevent the fireplace from coming in contact with hot surfaces- the mesh screen. This unsightly look was replaced with an extra layer of glass (hence double glass) that vents air to keep the outside glass layer from getting hot. For modern style houses and interior, this is one of our top pics.

2. The Shaker Stove

Shaker Stove Fireplace

If you’re more into the vintage style, keep reading. The shaker stove is a modern take on the classic wood-burning stove look. Shaker stoves are most often trending in homes that have a ‘cabin ambiance’ with a lot of wooden schemes and organic hues. People that take a vintage interior design approach also opt for the shaker stove design.

Antonio Citterio, an Italian architect, created this design to keep classic looks on the market for the people who adore them. Like any wood burning stove, you add your own wood and the classic look is usually black steel. You can choose between a back, top, left or right vent and a left or right side wood loading door

3. A Pop of Color

A pop of color fireplace

The past few years have been huge for adding a pop of color to basically anything. White walls, stainless steel sinks, and now fireplaces have been replaced with clean pastels and vibrant contrasts. People who have a relatively neutral scheme opt for a bright fireplace to better exaggerate the area and draw more focus to it. As an added bonus, this look is relatively easy to achieve and you don’t have to break the bank while doing it. In fact, it’s actually a very common DIY project.

You can always get professionals to help you with this task, or you can simply purchase a paint that you love and add that color to the wall around your fireplace. If you don’t want to paint that much space, you can tape off sections and add a bold trim for a smaller accent to contrast against the rest of your area.

4. For the Wild

For the Wild Fireplace

You’re different and want to both shock and impress your guests at the same time. Who likes normal anyways? Many interior designers get this request regularly and their inspiration comes from nature- wild, fierce, and untamed. Most of these pieces incorporate one line of fire going in a vertical or horizontal motion to appear as a tree or shrub on fire. It vents from the top like any normal fireplace but the fire spits out as if it were coming out of the top of a flower face or in a flat straight line. It’s a narrow look that accommodates to small, medium, and large wall spaces. This design draws attention inside of any style of house but it is more common in modern-style interior designs.

5. The Mini-Fireplace

The Mini-Fireplace

Tight quarters? No problem. There is a fireplace solution for every living situation. The mini-fireplace is practical, cute, and adds ambiance to any space. Many people add a mini-fireplace to a bedroom- it’s a cozy additive that takes up minimal space. The awesome thing about miniature fireplaces is that you can have them installed or you can purchase budget-friendly portable ones that you can stick anywhere you want. Say goodbye to a portable heater this weekend and add your own style of mini-fireplace! To maximize your space, even more, consider a storage place below the fireplace for wood.

6. Fireplace for Renters

Fireplace for Renters

If you’re renting a place that has no fireplace, you do not have to compromise coziness. Ventless fireplaces that require no installation are your go-to style, and they are usually very budget-friendly. There are many shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from, but one with this type of unique shape and sleek white color compliments nearly any interior style. Portable fireplaces can be the size of a tissue box or you can buy one that doubles as a large entertainment center- it’s all up to you.

7. Roof-High Stone/Brick

Roof-High Stone/Brick Fireplace
A soaring stone fireplace can be a much needed and impressive addition to your living room. Not only will it attract the attention of the people around you, it will add a rustic look to your living room as well. Moreover, to add to the charm of your soaring stone fireplace, you can also place a long mirror right above the mantel and incorporate stones of various colors such as taupe and caramel to make it look absolutely exceptional and chic. If you decide to go with the soaring stone fireplace, you can completely alter your house’s aesthetics.

8. Classic White Marble

Classic White Marble Fireplace

As the adage goes, “In a world full of trends, be a classic.” And to be honest, no one can go wrong with a classic fireplace. Marble styles have been around for centuries and looks perfect all while reflecting finesse. Sophisticated moldings are combined with the marble-tiled surrounds to give this fireplace a traditional yet beautiful look. You can also top it by hiding your television with remote-controlled artwork above the mantel. So, if you are conversing or enjoying the silence, the television wouldn’t distort the view. This design is on our list for all the people who lead their lives with the utmost sophistication.

9. Treasure Chest Fireplace

Treasure Chest Fireplace

Speaking of ‘classic,’ royalty follows close behind. A reflective gold fireplace will add the right amount of royalty to your living area. In fact, it can actually do more than that; it can make you feel extravagant. You can add reflective gold to any fireplace- fire appears as though its burning out of a treasure chest rather than wood. If you have always dreamt of living in a royal palace, now is your chance to convert a regular area to a glamourous area by adding this type of elegant fireplace. The reflective glass can for the most part be added to any fireplace design to spruce it up. Here are pros and con of electric and bio ethanol fireplaces.

10. Sleek Black with Metal Outlines

Sleek Black with Metal Outlines Fireplace

If you are a fan of trendy and contemporary designs and want to make sure that your living room looks as if it was pictured in a magazine, then adding a black with metallic accents fireplace to your home would be a very wise decision. Not only will the color of this fireplace pop the color of your living room, it will also draw a lot of attention. Furthermore, the metallic accents make a modern home decor style look more intense and there are many ways you can incorporate this design. The picture above uses these color schemes in a very unique way- this isn’t your typical square fireplace!

11. Stacked (Tiled) Wood

Stacked (Tiled) Wood Fireplace

Sometimes a sleek black look is one of the most favorable designs for people who have a simple taste. Indulging in black color schemes around your home is a trend that will probably never fade. A modern black fireplace with tiled wood will undoubtedly turn many heads and coin several compliments in your direction. If you love the charcoal-colored fireplace but still enjoy seeing some texture and jazzing up space, this look will keep you satisfied for a very long time no matter how many times you redecorate. Tiled wood fireplaces are very popular and they are an amazing choice for people who aren’t trying to break the bank.

12. Marble with Victorian Arches 

Marble with Victorian Arches Fireplace

White is a peaceful and clean color and the arched design created a timeless and fancy feel. If you decide to go with white marble, it can add a sense of serenity to your home all while looking polished and ritzy. Arched white marble fireplaces are one of a kind and it’s a favorable design in almost every decor style. While still very unique in the home decor world, it is a common enough design that is very malleable and easy to maintain. Popular additives to this look include adding sophisticated artwork above the fireplace to draw even more attention to the area.

13. Sideways Metal Brick

Sideways Metal Brick Fireplace
A fireplace made of bricks is very common, but the fireplace made of metallic brick will blow your mind! It doesn’t only add visual appeal to the living room, its uniqueness tells people a thing or two about your exemplary taste for being original and making the most out of a single space. If you are among those people who love to flaunt their unique taste, this fireplace is designed just for you. This sleek look looks great against neutral wall colors and minimalist decor.

14. For Two Rooms at Once

For Two Rooms at Once Fireplace

The words ‘modern and contemporary’ were made for a two-sided fireplace. This look will not only enhance the aesthetics of your living room but it can act as a great divide between your seating area and dining area. These fireplace designs are so eye-catching that you don’t even need to add decor around it. Plus, it’s naturally space-saving. Two-sided fireplaces are a top choice for many people as it not only serves the purpose of one fireplace, but it can provide the warmth in the two rooms at once.

15. Modern Linear Gas Fireplace

Modern Linear Gas Fireplace

Modern, sleek, and nearly hidden, linear fireplaces are all the rage and gaining more popularity as people opt for more modern and minimalist interior designs. This jaw-dropping feature wall is a contemporary arrangement that flaunts a long, streamlined gas fireplace and a simple white backdrop. This fireplace is both striking and brings requisite warmth to your space as well. Added above the linear fireplace a custom-built nook that will hold a big-screen television, other media equipment, books and specific display items of your choice.

16. Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

Luxurious Bathroom Fireplace
Bathrooms are one of the most popular renovations- updating this space to be a luxurious retreat has become very common. The fireplace addition in bathrooms are trending and make taking a bath much more relaxing and scenic. Candlelit baths are out and bathroom fireplaces are in.

17. Mosaic Tile Fireplace

Mosaic Tile Fireplace
It’s never bad to flaunt your glam game and your house should not stay behind with your efforts. As a matter of fact, the shimmery and iridescent glass mosaic tiles are just what you need to transform your dull living room into a dazzling one, even if the rest of the room is pretty plain-Jane. If you install this ravishing fireplace at the living room you can feel fancy without spending too much money, and something like this will instantly boost the value of your home.

18. Ornate Fireplace Mantel

Ornate Fireplace Mantel

Ornate fireplaces were made for those who have a taste for a vintage and artsy combination. It really is a pretty simple look to find- you can even visit the salvage stores and antique shops to find one-of-a-kind mantels that can be renovated with stain and lacquer to attain the gorgeous look. For a design that looks so first-class, it’s actually pretty. If you are looking forward to redo your home and convert it into a vintage one, Ornate Fireplace Mantel is the one-stop destination for you.

19. Elevated Gas Fireplace

Elevated Gas Fireplace

As far as contemporary fireplaces are concerned, elevated gas fireplaces are at the top of the list for new and innovated designs. One of the most incredible features of elevated fireplaces is that they take up no space, are virtually maintenance free, and extremely customizable. This modern gas fireplace adds both physical and visual warmth to the room and augments the aesthetics of your entire house. If you are ready to give your living room a touch of modernity, this fireplace is just what you need.

20. Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Many of us adore the romantic cottage feel, and that is what the old-fashioned word-burning fireplace is all about. Wood-Burning fireplace is specially designed to add the Mediterranean charm to the eat-in-kitchen. It is quite easy to create an intimate mood with this gorgeous fireplace, flickering flames, and you get the cozy smell of burning wood (give pine a try!). Keep in mind that these fireplace styles do require cleaning, maintenance, and obtaining/storing your own wood.

21. Master Bedroom Fireplace

Master Bedroom Fireplace

Everyone wants their room to be a retreat from the world- it is actually one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a house. If you are looking forward to adding a pinch of taste to your master bedroom, a fireplace is a great way to start the process. An idle fireplace in the master bedroom or any other bedroom for that matter adds a lot of charm and you can do pretty much any design that you wood in the living or dining room. Surprisingly enough, there is a ton of blank space and empty walls in a bedroom that can be transformed, and many bedrooms have reading nooks that can be remodeled to suit your style.

22. Shiny Gold

Shiny Gold Fireplace

If you have been following the designs that can make your house look very tasteful, you’ve landed in the right spot because you can never go wrong with gold. Exquisite and simple, the gold surround of this fireplace makes a very neutral area look polished. Nothing is as exhilarating and exciting as a fireplace that has a sparkly gold finish. It’s easy to maintain and clean, and gold goes well with many colors. Both sleek and simple and artsy architectural are popular for anyone who has a luxurious taste.

23. Straight Lines And Concrete

Straight Lines And Concrete Fireplace

The concrete fireplace is a solid look for the modern house. With such a simple and clean look, you can add pops of color to the mantel or keep it as is- either way it will look modestly extravagant. The picture above stresses the fact that you don’t need to dress this look up and minimalist decor suits the style perfectly. This fireplace can be exactly what you need to create a structural interest in your living area, not to forget the added luxury bonus. If you want to make a statement, the concrete fireplace is an excellent option.

24. Rectangular Gas Fireplace

Rectangular Gas Fireplace

Making a statement is not always about incorporating something unique, it can be something as simple as remodeling an area that you already have. Gas fireplaces have been a top choice for people as they provide the necessary warmth and charm all while portraying elegance. A long and rectangular fireplace is a trending design for gas fireplaces because they are easy to add and can be nearly any shape and size. Extending this gorgeous stone fireplace to the ceiling only enhance its contemporary aesthetic.

25. Rough Stone Fireplace

Rough Stone Fireplace

Stone on top of stone...on top of more stone! Put that nature feeling directly in your living room and customize it by finding your own large stones to put inside. A stone fireplace will add the warmth to your living room along with bringing out the charm of any room all by itself. This modern stone fireplace is extended to the ceiling to add a complete contrast to the rest of the area. The texture of the taupe stone used in this gorgeous fireplace has a ripple effect. As it's fireproof and durable, you can feel safe with this option. Who knew so many neutral schemes at the same time would be so calming and comforting? 

26. Simple White Brick

Simple White Brick Fireplace

If you are looking for a relaxed and chic look for your living room, this fireplace can surely do that for you. It is a super easy weekend DIY project- all you have to do is paint the bricks above the fireplace white and decorate the surrounding area to boost the chic-ness. The furnishings can be arranged in a way that it can complement one another to give your house a wonderful look.

27. Stainless Steel Framed Fireplace

Stainless Steel Framed Fireplace

The aluminum frame surround of the fireplace naturally adds to the beauty and extravagance of a fireplace. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful look for your fireplace, this is definitely the way to go. It can add a modern vibe to your living area and you can embellish it further by arranging various art pieces above your mantel. Or, keep it simple. This type of fireplace does a lot of talking on its own- it’s very sleek and simple.

28. Colorful Tile

Colorful Tile Fireplace

If you want to pull all attention to your fireplace, this one might seriously work for you. The glossy blue tiles of different shades surround your fireplace, giving it a modern, chic and calming vibe. As the tiles will not cost a fortune, it will not go hard on your pockets and like we mentioned earlier, pops of color in a semi-neutral living space are huge right now. This is another style that can be dressed up or dressed down, either way it will look original and different.

29. Elevated Box Fireplace

Elevated Box Fireplace

Glass Box fireplace is not only visually appealing- it’s simply unique. How many of these can you say you’ve seen? Glass box fireplaces can go anywhere and they can be incorporated in a way that they both connect and separate the two rooms simultaneously, which is a popular reason they are chosen over standard fireplaces. They can be small or large and hang up against walls or stand by themselves.

30. Classic Wood and Brick Combo

Classic Wood and Brick Combo Fireplace

Brick and wood style fireplaces are always ‘in’. It is a sturdy look that creates the richness you want in your home. Impressive and far from overly pricey, the brick and wood design incorporates blocky architecture and looks great in rustic or vintage homes. An old yet beautiful look is just what you need to make your living area even more vibrant and warm.

31. Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Outdoor Stone Fireplace

If you are keen on backyard barbeques or hosting patio events, a unique outdoor fireplace will make the area even more welcoming. Enjoying the outdoors while still keeping the ambiance of a fireplace is the ultimate goal and there are hundreds of styles you can choose from. Firepits are great, but they are small and harder to take care of. Backyard fireplaces have become a staple for any patio set and seems to tie the area together and add a much more intimate feel.

32. The Centerpiece

The Centerpiece Fireplace

Throw out the coffee table and opt for a fireplace in the middle of your living room! This design is only for those who have a flare for the dramatic, have the space, and have furniture that match/surround the fireplace. It will be the main focal point of the area, so you will want furniture facing it rather than facing away. It’s just like sitting around a your living room.

33. Oversized

Oversized Fireplace

Go big or go home, right? These fireplaces are so huge you can easily stand inside of them. There are so many impressive architectural designs you can choose from before expanding this large space and they tend to make you feel an overall ‘open.’ These mega-fireplaces heat up a large space pretty fast, so make sure you have proper ventilation and the area you add it to is large and airy.

34. Heavy-Metal Inspiration 

Heavy-Metal Inspiration Fireplace

If you are more into lustrous designs, heavy-metal will definitely be your go-to look. It not only looks radiant, but it is one of those designs that haven’t (and probably won’t) go out of style. Most people only use a metal time, but if you go heavy on the metal you will easily set your living room apart from all the others.

35. Desert Stucco Fireplace

Desert Stucco Fireplace

If you are remodeling your house and do not know what you will do about your old and crumbled fireplace, you might want to consider using stucco to transform it into something even more attractive. Stucco was popularized in the Western states- it has a desert vibe and works well in any area. This appealing material is a top-notch masonry product that is not only inexpensive but it doesn't even require much upkeep. So, if you want to keep it light, go for the stucco solutions to transform your fireplace.

36. Spheres or Hemisphere

Spheres or Hemisphere

Circle fireplaces can hang from the ceiling as a sphere or attach on a wall as a hemisphere. Whichever one you decide on is sure to turn heads. They look great in any color and with any decoration style but are more popular in homes that strive for a modern or futuristic look.

37. Classic Wood Surround or Mantel

Classic Wood Surround or Mantel

The elegance that a wooden fireplace can provide is second to none. In fact, most people prefer to have a classic wooden fireplace as it is one of a kind. The fine woodworking on this fireplace will add to the charm and sophistication of your living room. The wood mantel should be polished regularly in order to maintain its shine. Pro tip: If you want to make sure that its long-lasting beauty doesn’t get damaged in any way, avoid using any water-based cleaners.

38. Focal Point Shelf Fire

Focal Point Shelf Fire

Serving as both a shelf and a fireplace, show this picture to a designer because it’s hardly known. There really isn’t many styles available to look at, so you should expect that your design will be 100% original. There are hundreds of possibilities for this type of linear fireplace and it brings a certain serenity to the area. 

39. Pillar Surround

Pillar Surround Fireplace

Both large and small pillars create a monumental and colonial look to any type of fireplace. The neutral slate wall against creamy beige pillars and minimal decor really brings the areas focal point directly to the fireplace. This design in particularly hasn’t gone out of style since it first came out and it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

40. Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink Fireplace

What is not to love about this entire setting? Maybe I’m partial to pastels and pink, but this is a design that anyone could love. The great thing about adding color to your fireplace is that it’s so easy. It’s something that you can do yourself and you can choose your favorite shade of pink. A pink fireplace is not only super chic, but you can dress it up with metallic decor and make the area pop and shine. You’d be surprised how well pink goes with so many other colors and will contrast from the rest of your living room.

41. The Candle-Place

The Candle-Place Fireplace

Who said your fireplace needs wood or gas? Depending on the size of your fireplace, all you need to do is snag a bunch of small-large candles and arrange them however you want. Any color will do, but we think white goes the best with any fireplace style. Candles add a certain romantic allure to a room, and fireplaces that are decorated with exotic or vintage candles can look more incredible than any other fireplace. You can enhance the look of the fireplace even more by throwing in natural hues to decorate the surroundings. This is a very simple DIY project that will only take a few hours but will make your house look the absolute coziest.

42. 350 Years Ago

350 Years Ago Fireplace

Ahh, the Baroque mirror. Such a classic and timeless look for people who crave the fancy life. It is something that can solely enhance the aesthetics of your living room and the fireplace- the mirror and the gold trim do so much for making an area look first class. It’s an elaborate style that dates all the way back to the mid 1600’s and became revamped around 1910-1920. The Baroque Mirror placed on the top of your fireplace will definitely lure the attention of your guests and draw compliments from them. Even a simple brick fireplace will look so much more elegant if you combine the Baroque mirror to it. This picture screams Titanic first class passenger suite, am i right?

43. Kitchen Fireplaces

Kitchen Fireplace

We aren’t too sure how practical kitchen fireplaces are, but they have certainly climbed in popularity over the past few years. So, why not? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! It makes sense- the kitchen is a huge gathering point in the home and eating dinner with a crackling fire in front of you sounds dreamy. It looks best if the area surrounding it is kept in the same scheme as the rest of your kitchen. That way it doesn’t look out of place, as if it is meant to go there.

44. Monochrome

Monochrome Fireplace

Monochrome decor has been in and out regularly over the past few decades, but we are sure it’s here to stick now. White on white, black on black, or multiple shades of yellow; however you decide to create your monochrome fireplace it’s sure to look very chic and trendy. You can even add multiple textures to multiple shades of one color making the area very eye-catching and unique.

45. Gorgeous Black Marble

Gorgeous Black Marble Fireplace

Black marble is a beautiful addition to counters, floors, and of course fireplaces and surrounds. This style does well with abstract designs or wood floors- the black marble will look flawless no matter how many times you change your decor. Whether you keep it small and simple or make the entire wall surrounding your fireplace black marble, these fireplaces are a surefire way to make your living room look exquisite.

46. The Window Illusion

The Window Illusion Fireplace

Illusions are fascinating and creating an illusion in your living room is something fascinating for all of us. Window fireplaces look just as the name states- a window. It’s a simple glass fireplace elevated from the floor with only one color scheme to make it look like it’s part of the room, not an additive. It takes up zero space and can go anywhere that you would want to peek out of a window. It’s kind of the ‘flat screen TV’ of fireplaces and looks amazing no matter how you’ve decorated your house.

47. DIY Glitter Wall Fireplace Surround

DIY Glitter Wall Fireplace Surround

Isn’t this fabulous? And guess’s cheap and you can do it yourself! All you need is the proper tools to remove old wallpaper or strip a bad paint job and glitter wallpaper (or paint). Black is the look we are going with in this section, simply because black goes with everything. But if you want a neon green glitter wall surrounding your fireplace, do it! Glitter may seem a little extreme, but it’s actually a very popular trend right now and if it goes out of style all you have to do it remove it or paint over here. The contrast between a sparkling black wall and the metal fireplace makes this area completely stand out and look very classy!

48. Hanging From the Ceiling

Hanging From the Ceiling Fireplace

Fireplaces can make a statement anywhere, literally. There are hundreds of drop-down styles, some connecting to the floor and others dangling a few feet from the ground. It is a very modern and minimalist design that smokes out of the roof but you can get it in electric as well. Most of these fireplaces are solid black but there is definitely room to customize. Both serene and original, these fireplaces are a very easy conversation starter.

49. Unique Shapes and Designs 

Unique Shapes and Designs Fireplace

Fireplaces are no longer expected to be square. Thinking outside of the box, many designers have thought up brilliant and artsy ways to flaunt a fireplace. Most often, the fireplace will peek out of a certain shape. In this picture, the unique-shaped fireplace is surrounded by simple book shelves and plain colors. This is the center of attention and you don’t need to feel bad about not heavily decorating the surrounding area. Popular shapes include leaves, triangles, circles, and hexagons.

50. Cobblestone Corner

Cobblestone Corner Fireplace

Cobblestones remind us of the beauty of nature in a subtle way. If you want to feel close to nature while sitting in front of your fireplace, this design is certainly what you should incorporate into your house. The feel of this style is very ‘log cabin in the woods,’ but it can be easily added to your home in the suburbs. Bring that relaxing feeling of river stones and pine trees directly to your living room with this timeless fireplace style. 

Wrapping Up

These top 50 fireplace designs offer a spectrum of styles, from classic elegance to contemporary chic. Whether you seek warmth, aesthetics, or a harmonious blend of both, these designs ignite inspiration for transforming your space. Elevate your home ambiance with a captivating fireplace that reflects your unique taste. Ready to turn these ideas into reality? Explore our curated collection and take the first step towards enhancing your living space. Embrace the warmth and style—your dream fireplace awaits!  

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