How to Convert Gas Fireplace to Wood Fireplace

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Can you burn wood in a gas fire place? You might be asking this question right now and might be also wondering if you should invest in a new fireplace, and that is reasonable! That’s one option, but you can also convert a gas fireplace to a wood-burning stove.

A gas fireplace may offer incomparable convenience and the enjoyment of a warm fire on a chilly day. Still, many people feel that nothing beats the ambiance produced by burning wood and it is also noted that some homeowners who currently have an existing gas fireplace now prefer a wood-burning fireplace.

 Consider the joy you will get from lighting the fire. The calming sound of crackling wood-catching fire, great wooden scent, and the feeling of calmness along with the given heat provided by the fire.

Sure, a gas fireplace is hard to beat when we need fast warming on a chilly winter night. However, there is no comparison to wood-burning fireplaces. To finish any fireplace conversion job, you must first understand what you're working on within your existing house.

 For some homeowners, it can be difficult to convert a gas fireplace to a wood-burning unit. Some houses, for example, were initially constructed with gas fireplaces. A fireplace serves to be a must-have gas appliance in these houses that does not have a chimney. So, if you are wondering, “can you burn wood in a gas fireplace,” you also need to consider this simple requirement.

Converting a Gas Fireplace to Wood: How Does the Process Work?

To convert gas fireplace to wood-burning stoves, there are a few things to consider, like rebuilding the whole fireplace as well as constructing a flue and chimney. On the other side, you might have a house that had a wood-burning fireplace before a gas-powered fireplace was built to replace it. To convert gas fireplaces to wood fireplaces requires considerably less effort in these houses. You need to purchase some necessary parts to start the conversion process.

 The gas logs are then removed, and the gas line is either sealed or changed to a gas log lighter. If the flue is already in excellent condition for the conversion, the procedure may only cost a little amount. When your chimney inspector decides that your fire ventilation system is in good enough condition for wood burning, any required chimney repairs are scheduled. In addition, the fireplace damper may be used after you convert the gas fireplace to a wood firebox (not available for gas fireplaces).

Here's a tip: if you're going to replace the gas log grate in your fireplace, remove those old ones before installing something new. Why? They can be too delicate for higher heat levels and may crack or break under pressure when lighting fires on them frequently- so don't take chances!

 new wood burning stove

The Importance of Annual Inspections

Annual inspections and maintenance are critical steps in ensuring your safety. Chimney experts keep an eye out for creosote, a potentially explosive substance. By doing this yearly can ensure your safety as well. Experts can also determine whether or not the flue has been damaged, which always necessitates the repair or replacement of the chimney liner. If you want to convert a gas fireplace, but you do not want to use wood logs, you might consider an electric fireplace instead.

The Importance of Venting System

The venting system is an essential consideration when shifting fireplace types. A gas fireplace is considerably easier to vent than a wood-burning fireplace. Different flames produce different byproducts. This is why there are different variations in inventing needs. Wood fires also produce much more creosote than gas combustion.

 When a wood-burning fireplace is changed to a gas fireplace, the corrosive chemicals and acids produced by the burning gas may harm the chimney. In every case, the chimney must be examined to verify that it is a good match for the appliance to which it is attached. Installing a stainless steel flue of the proper size is typically sufficient.

 new wood burning fireplace in an indoor space

Make the Switch!

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace? Maybe, but you should consider doing a conversion first. You may like the simple joys of kindling a fire, or you might be wary of the exorbitant expense of a gas-burning fireplace.

 Nothing can really beat the homey-calm vibe of a woodfire, right? Nevertheless, many people have switched and regained their love of a comfortable house and a toasty fire.

 Who knows, you might be the next one to make the switch? Since you've already determined the details of how to convert gas fireplace to wood fireplace, you can now start looking for the finest service provider that can assist you and fits your budget.

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