Modern Fireplaces for Every Space


It does not matter if you have a huge house or small apartment, or if you have a massive deck area or tiny balcony, there are modern fireplaces available that will fit and complement your space. The great thing about these functional pieces of art is that they are available in electric, bio fuel and gel options, so you can choose a fuel source that best suits your needs.

Sierra Flame 72" Linear Electric Fireplace with Steel Front

Wall Fireplaces 

Modern wall fireplaces can literally be put in any room of your home. They do not create smoke, so they don’t require venting. Therefore, if you are in an apartment in a high-rise building or a loft over a commercial building, you can still enjoy a warm dancing flame. 

The best thing to do is choose which room you want to buy one for. This will give you an idea of what size you should be looking for. Better yet, determine which wall it will go on as well. If you are shopping for an electric fireplace, make sure that the wall you choose has an electrical outlet. Some people get so excited in the shopping process that they just forget to look.


Floor Fireplaces 

Some assume that they need to have a huge room for a floor fireplace. This is not entirely true. There are some that rest flat against a wall and look like a traditional fireplace, but with a modern flair. There are also some that nestle in an empty corner. This variety is becoming incredibly popular because most people have an empty and awkward corner that they don’t know what to do with. 

If you do have floor space to work with, there are some incredibly contemporary fireplaces available. Some can sit in the middle of a room to create a dynamic focal point. You just want to be careful about having floor models in high-traffic areas, if you have guests over.


Tabletop Fireplaces 

Modern tabletop fireplaces are by far some of the most popular styles. Every room in every home, and every deck, patio or apartment balcony can accommodate one of these fantastic pieces of art. They can rest on any flat, secure surface and they are generally so lightweight that you can move them around. Therefore, you can enjoy a fire outside on your deck, and then bring it indoors to create ambiance inside when you have had enough fresh air for the day.

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