Living Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Break Away From Your Traditional Living Room Layout With These Tips

If you go into most homes you will find a sofa against one wall, and a loveseat and/or a chair on another. Then, there are tables and a lot of empty floor space. Who decided that walls were made for larger furniture pieces? There are so many exciting things you can do with your living space that do not revolve around the traditional layout.

Create a Sitting Area

If you have a large living room then you can create a separate sitting area. If you have ever seen the HGTV dream homes, the designers do this, but call this sitting area the “great room.” Obviously, you can still have your sofa facing your television in the main area, but off to the side you will place a table with furniture in a square or circle.

Table aquariums are perfect to use for this sitting area because they attract attention to ensure folks will want to gather there. You may find this becomes your go-to place to sit and read, so you can keep one eye on your aquatic friends and the other in your book. Table aquariums can create the ultimate “wow” factor.

modern living room with an accent lamp

Move the Furniture Away From the Wall

If you don’t have floor space to create a separate sitting area just move your furniture around. Break away from that cookie-cutter mold by pulling your sofa to the middle of the room. Add an accent rug, and then put that wall to good use. You could put bookshelves there or add several planters. This would be a good wall to paint an accent color or put a large decal on.

Change Your Furniture

Maybe your furniture is making you feel stuck in a rut. Folks are so used to buying a living room set or a sectional that they don’t realize how many exciting options are out there.

For a super modern look replace your seating with bean bag chairs. Some are as large as 7 feet, and can easily replace your sofa. Besides, these are pretty much the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.

If you do not want all bean bags, you could do a bean bag sofa, and then add a hammock swing to replace your chair. And why not transform that cozy corner into a relaxation haven with a luxurious massage chair? Guests will not be able to decide what piece of furniture they want to sit on first. One thing is for certain; folks will be talking about how stylish your home is for a long time!

Final Details Your Living Room Cannot Be Without

Have you ever been somewhere and noticed one small decorating detail that changed the entire room? At that very moment your thoughts about the person or business may have actually changed for the better, too.

These small details usually go unnoticed by some, but they are truly appreciated by those who notice them. Do you have any of these details in your living room? If you are not quite sure where to begin, below are a few ideas.

Crown Molding

You cannot really appreciate the impact crown molding can have on a room until you actually have it. It is the finishing touch that the top half of a room needs. Most furniture and décor falls below eye level. It is important to not neglect the rest of the room.

Fireplace Accessories

If you are like many others you have already converted that wood-burning fireplace into an environmentally-friendly one with a bio fuel insert or grate. Do not forget to add the final details that will give your room’s focal point a realistic or polished look.

An insert is nice, but an insert complemented by fireplace accessories is even better. A few examples include ceramic logs, fire glass, fire stones, lava rock, ceramic pebbles, and even a fireplace screen.

minimalist living room with a modern chandelier


Some are content with a simple ceiling light or a couple of lamps. However, lighting really plays a huge role in a room. Recessed lighting or an unusual pendant can change the look of a room. Do not underestimate the power of strategically placing sconces near art pieces to highlight them, too.


This does not actually require you to add anything to a room; just evaluate the placement of everything. How well-balanced is the space? If you have tall shelving and large furniture on one side and only a few things on the other side then the room will be off-balance.

Cord Storage

You probably overlook the cord monster behind your entertainment system or the one hanging down the wall from your fountain, but these are unsightly elements first noticed by guests. You can buy creative cord covers, baskets, and containers that hide them in a thoughtful way.


One thing that most of your guests will use at some point is a coaster. Skip the generic ones and opt for those that will invoke a smile and truly make a statement.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Decorate Your Living Room

Whether you are moving into your very first place or you simply feel like your living room needs a fresh look these tips will help you create a space so spectacular, guests will assume you paid a designer to handle the project for you.

Have a Plan

If you head to the mall and start shopping without a plan, you will end up buying random things for your living room that create a disconnected look. This will likely leave you feeling full of regret.

Have an idea of what look you are trying to achieve. This does not have to be carved in stone, but it will at least help get you started. Looking through magazines will give you a little inspiration or at least spark an idea, too.

Lighting is Important

One of the most overlooked elements in the room is also one of the most important. At least half the time you are home, you likely have a light on. If you do any entertaining in the evening, the light illuminates your space, so naturally it gets noticed. Therefore, your lighting should make an impact. Lamps are always a great option in the living room.

modern living room with leather furniture

Don’t Get Stuck in a Furniture Rut

First things first; your seating options do not need to be against a wall. Floating furniture adds a stylish vibe, as long as you have the floor space to pull it off. Also, your furniture does not have to match. In fact, it shouldn’t! Your room will have a lot more depth and personality, if you mix-and-match styles, materials, etc. Adding bean bags to your living room can be a fantastic choice, providing a comfortable, versatile, and budget-friendly seating option that enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

Clear Walking Path

It is important that there be a walking path in your living room that is free of obstruction. You do not want to stub your toe on the coffee table every night in the dark or have guests tripping over cords.

Add a Focal Point

If you have ever been in a beautifully decorated room that felt perfectly pulled together there is a good chance you can remember the main element in the space that captured your attention. Your living room needs a strong focal point.

A fireplace on the wall is a great option. You can mount a fireplace on the wall that burns bio ethanol or gel for a realistic fire, or you can opt for an electric variety providing you have an electrical outlet on that wall.

modern living room with wooden furniture

Give Your Living Room an Instant Facelift on a Budget

If you are like many you would love to give your living room a complete makeover. That room you once loved many years ago now looks stale. The old carpet desperately needs to be replaced and there are stains on the furniture. Plus, you are no longer crazy about that safari or nautical theme you once had to have.

Unfortunately, most people cannot just splurge on a whole new makeover just because they feel like it. Well, you may be surprised that you can fall in love with your space once again for $500; maybe even a little less if you are thrifty.


Painting is a must. Paint is relatively cheap and can have a huge impact on a room. Use that bold color you have never been brave enough to paint with. You can always cover it later if you decide you don’t love it.


Buy a large area rug. This will put the focus on the rug and away from the rest of the carpet that may be looking a little sad. You can always go to a carpet place and buy a remnant carpet.

Furniture Covers

You can actually buy new furniture covers pretty cheap. You can even find decorative blankets or nice printed sheets on sale to use. In most cases, furniture is replaced based on how it looks, but it is still comfortable to sit on. Do not retire it before it’s time!


Finding cheap curtains and pillow covers is not hard if you know where to look. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can always buy fabric and make them yourself at a fraction of the price.

Decals and Stencils

A simple wall decal can completely change the look of a room. You can also do a lot with those cheap stencils you get from the craft store. Stencil a design on the wall or add an unexpected detail on the coffee table.

Add a Focal Point

To pull the room together and create the perfect finishing touch then you should add a fireplace. Gel tabletop fireplaces are a lot more affordable than you might think. Even when there is not a flame they are pieces of art that naturally become the focal point of the room. The gel is clean-burning and smoke and odor-free, and they can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.

living room with a mural painted wall

Ultimate “Wow” Factors for Your Living Room

The nicer your home is the more people expect from your decorating. If you have gorgeous furniture and décor you probably rarely receive any compliments because people expect nothing less than perfect from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a surprised or impressed look on the face of your guests just once? If you want to take your décor to the next level, these elements should help.

Table Aquariums

If you just picture a small aquarium sitting on a table when you read that title, you are not alone. This is what commonly comes to mind, but table aquariums are actually aquariums in table form. Few people know they exist and even fewer have seen one firsthand.

So, when guests enter your living room and see one of these statement pieces they may think they are seeing things at first. Expect them to immediately get right up close to see if they are really witnessing live fish swimming around in a beautiful table. Table aquariums come in a variety of styles, and truly offer a magical display.

Water Wall

There is something about walking into a room with a 10-foot tall wall of water that has the ability to take your breath away. Whether you choose slate, glass, or mirror, these magnificent pieces have a fabulous impact on a room, in more ways than you can imagine. Not only are water walls beautiful to look at; they create a calming environment.


If you have the time to welcome an artist into your home for however many hours, days, or weeks it takes to paint a full wall mural in your living room, it will definitely be the topic of conversation with guests.

Metal Art

Metal is really popular right now in interior decorating. However, if you are going to use metal as art it needs to be a real in-your-face kind of piece to create the focal point you are after. A wall clock that literally takes up an entire wall or a collection of medieval swords and weapons will certainly grab the attention of all your guests.

Ventless Fireplaces

Again, if people expect your décor to be magnificent then a fireplace that would make a bold statement in a different home may not get a second glance in your home. You are going to need an extra-large wall one or a shockingly large freestanding one to get the reaction you are after.

Transform Your Living Room into an Oasis of Style and Comfort

With these diverse and inspiring living room ideas, you have the tools to create a space that reflects your unique personality and caters to your lifestyle needs. From choosing the right color palette and furniture arrangements to adding personalized decor and embracing smart storage solutions, every detail counts in shaping a harmonious and inviting living room. So, let your imagination run wild, mix and match styles, and experiment with textures and patterns to curate a living room that becomes your sanctuary—a place where you can relax, entertain, and make beautiful memories with your loved ones. Happy decorating!

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