Top Places to Install Outdoor Wall Fountains at Home

The ancient saying "location, location, location" still applies when it comes to fountain placement. A well-placed fountain may alter a scene with its soothing sounds and attractive views. The most important thing to remember is that a fountain should be situated in an area where people can easily appreciate it.

It is essential to choose a place for your fountain before the fountain itself. This way, you'll know how much room you have to work with and what kind and design of fountain will best fit your requirements. In addition, choosing a fountain with a specific region of your landscape in mind will create a coherent and natural sense as if the fountain is meant to be there. If you do it the opposite way, you may wind up with a fountain that stands out like a sore thumb.

Advantages of Having An Outdoor Wall Fountain

Wall outdoor fountains may appeal to homeowners or investors seeking to add an extra element to their landscaping. They may be a low-maintenance landscaping element easily tailored to the available area and the home's overall appearance. Outdoor water fountains may be tiny and simple or big and complex, and they are available in a broad range of designs and prices to suit virtually any décor or budget such as fiberglass wall fountains.

Choosing a water fountain over a full-fledged pond, waterfall, or even a swimming pool may save money and upkeep expenses in the long run. More significant water features, such as a pond or pool, usually contain more water, representing a danger to homes with small children.

Price and Budget

The price of an outdoor water fountain may vary significantly depending on its size, intricacy, and design. For example, an essential birdbath with a tiny solar fountain may cost as low as $75, while a more complex or bigger water fountain, such as a freestanding fountain with a 10-foot glass-sheet cascade, can cost as much as $2,000 just for the fountain.

The more intricate the arrangement, the more upkeep is needed. So consider if a primary wall fountain or a multi-tiered cascade is a better long-term match for your budget. Most of the time, the expense will be in the initial setup since there is minimal cost involved with upkeep over time. In comparison to a swimming pool or pond, you don't have to maintain the water as clean as you would for humans or fish, which implies cheaper expenses and less care on your side.

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Is It Worth It?

Adding wall water fountains is unlikely to improve the value of your house immediately, but it will almost certainly boost attractiveness if you want to sell. And at what may be a cheaper price point for a landscape element, it may be worthwhile to invest.

Other factors to consider while determining the ideal site for a garden fountain are:

  • Where it will be most effective at masking roadway noise
  • Where you can get the finest water music for your patio.
  • Where it may be seen and heard best from both inside and outside
  • The closeness of an electrical source for powering the pump
  • The kinds of plants in the region, particularly those that lose their leaves, may be problematic.
  • Children's and pets' safety

Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Your outdoor wall fountain will provide stress reduction and relaxation to your surroundings with its calming sounds of flowing water. Excellent for a favorite area, workplace, yard, or patio. When shopping for a fountain, opt for one that has pleasant water sounds rather than one that is excessively loud or has no sound at all. Many fountains include adjustable pumps, allowing you to customize the flow to your preference.

Décor for Indoors and Outdoors

An indoor or outdoor fountain will instantly enhance the attractiveness of your surroundings. An exterior wall fountain is a work of art that will soon become the focal point of your house. Wall-mounted fountains are often used as a focal point in interior design.

Humidifier Made from Plants

Fountains function as natural humidifiers, providing moisture to a dry environment. However, humidifiers may be very noisy, with a buzzing or motor sound. Indoor water features help to humidify the air while providing a relaxing sound of flowing water. Humidifiers may also rapidly accumulate mold and mildew, while a fountain with flowing water would not. A water fountain may also assist your indoor plants by replacing lost humidity when heating or cooling systems are turned on.

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Boost Your Daily Mood

You're used to the enticing scent of rain. The fragrance alone is enough to re-energize your senses and give you a new perspective on the day. But, because it emits negative ions, flowing water has a similar impact.

They are said to raise serotonin levels, which promote relaxation and alleviates depression. When you combine these effects with the soothing sound of running water, you have the perfect environment for finding inner calm.

Sound Therapy

If you need to relax after a long day, there is no better place to go than a comfy chair next to an outdoor water feature. Of course, everyone intuitively understands this, but why is it true?

Different sound waves and frequencies that reverberate inside the body affect people. After all, waterfalls and fountains have long been found in soothing gardens, sacred temples, and other locations of mental and physical healing.

Reduce Your Blood Pressure

When you've been stressed out at work all day, your body's natural reaction is to tighten up and breathe shallowly. As a result, you start to feel strain in your neck and acquire a headache. It's possible that your body won't be able to rest until you come home after a hard day.

You begin to deepen your breathing, your muscles relax, and your blood pressure drops calmly.


An electric pump powers the majority of fountains. As a result, it's critical to consider if the location you've chosen for your fountain is near an electrical supply. It may be possible to connect cables to your chosen location for the fountain, but long distances from an electrical supply will make installation more challenging. Ideally, you'll be near an electrical outlet so that no lengthy cables are running through the yard that may be damaged with time.


You should consider their safety while choosing where to place your fountain especially if you have kids and pets at home. For example, a fountain in the yard may be a possible safety concern for energetic youngsters who are running about or playing games. Someone slamming into the fountain or falling and hitting their head on it may result in a painful and possibly deadly injury. Instead, place your fountain in a delicate part of your outdoor space where children are unlikely to be playing, such as the garden or along a deck railing.

Final Thoughts

Consider a visitor approaching your front door. They enter the entryway's shadow and are welcomed with a lovely outdoor water fountain softly dripping water—what a way to make a statement.

Although an outdoor water fountain is not a common landscape element, many people like them for its soothing qualities. They may provide curb appeal to the front of the home or offer a quiet refuge in your garden!

In conclusion, installing outdoor wall fountains can elevate the aesthetics and atmosphere of your home in various ways. Whether you choose to place one in the garden for a serene retreat, on the patio for enhanced relaxation, or by the entrance to create a welcoming ambiance, these water features add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. 

Embrace the soothing sounds of flowing water and create a tranquil haven that enriches your daily life.

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