10 Things You Can Add To Your Modern Backyard

Turning an average backyard or grassy spot on your property into a fabulous modern backyard is an easy feat. But, first, you need to know how to do so!

Adding certain items to your modern backyard idea decor will improve the overall look of the space and make it an impressive finished product for all to see and enjoy. From beautiful, soothing water fountains to aesthetically pleasing birdbaths, you can take an ordinary backyard and make it modern and inviting.

Now’s the perfect time to start adding decor items to your outdoor space. You can introduce as few or as many eye-catching additions to your backyard as you like. a person who loves nature and architecture. The landscape design is not meant to only be used as a place for

Here’s a list of ten things to add to your modern backyard design which will make it shine and stand out from all other yards in your neighborhood:

1. Modern Water Fountains

Modern Water Fountains

Modern water fountains are the perfect addition to any modern backyard design, no matter what the size of the yard may be. From tall, multi-tiered structures to simple and classic water fountains, adding a modern water fountain to your landscape will work wonders for turning a basic area of grass into an inviting spot to relax. No matter what your outdoor decor currently consists of, you can choose a modern water fountain in a wide array of finishes of the yard landscaping, so it will match the current style perfectly.

Some may wonder if modern water fountains materials take too much time to set up, clean, or care for, but this isn’t the case at all. When you have a water fountain in your yard, you’ll find that the time you spend caring for the fountain is minimal. And any time that you do spend maintaining your modern water fountain is definitely time well spent.

2. Modern Planters

Modern Planters

Whether you’re an avid gardener or an occasional planter of foliage and flowers, modern planters provide a way to give your backyard a lovely visual presentation of your living space. The lawn itself is not the key player in modern landscaping but is instead designed to flank and frame From small, delicate planters to large, primary focal points in your yard, you can find a modern planter that will be the right size to accommodate your flowers and greenery. 

Some planters are low to the ground while others are perched high on pedestals. The style and size choice is yours to make when it comes to selecting the right modern planter to fit your landscape design.

When it comes time to choosing a modern planter, consider where you’ll be placing the single planter or multiple planters. Also, it’s beneficial if you know what types of plants or flowers you’ll be placing in the planters. All of these considerations will help you choose the right style of unique outdoor planter for your yard.

3. Modern Benches

Modern Benches

Outdoor benches provide an optimal spot to sit and rest while you take in the sights and sounds of nature in your backyard. To give your property an updated vibe, add a modern bench to the gardens or lawn. Modern benches can feature exquisite designs or be more classic in style. Gardens Small Backyard Landscaping Backyard Garden Design Small Garden Design Landscaping Ideas House

You also have other choices when it comes to selecting the perfect modern bench for your outside area. Select from an impressive number of finishes for the color tone that suits your decor visions perfectly. You’ll also find a wide array of styles to choose from, including backless benches, benches with backs, and curved benches.

4. Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol Fireplaces

If you enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the mess of a wood-burning one, ethanol fireplaces or fire pit provide an easy answer. These useful and lovely-to-look-at modern fireplaces can be placed in many locations around your backyard and provide ambiance and warmth for family and friends to enjoy.

When you’re considering the different types of ethanol fireplaces/fire pit to buy, you’ll have a wide array of styles to peruse. Some of the ethanol fireplace options include wall fireplaces, floor fireplaces, and tabletop fireplaces, to name a few backyard ideas.

5. Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

If you want to create a modern backyard setting, Buddha statues are always a good option. Embrace the peaceful vibe that Buddha statues offer and place these items around your pool or in your backyard gardens. Whether you like to hold your meditation sessions in your backyard garden or just enjoy all that these Buddha statues represent, you’ll find that the addition of this item to your yard will offer many wonderful features.

When you select your Buddha statue, you can choose from large and small sizes, different color finishes, and unique styles. There’s sure to be the perfect Buddha statue to complete the overall modern vibe of your yard.

6. Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs can also turn an average backyard setting into a modern, aesthetically appealing one. From soft pastel patterns to vibrantly colored designs, you can choose a modern outdoor rug that will look fantastic on your outdoor deck. Select your favorite one from a wide array of styles, patterns, and colors to create the ideal modern look.

When choosing a modern outdoor rug, look at your current outdoor furnishings to make sure the rug you choose will match the decor currently in place, if you don’t plan on updating the outdoor furniture.

7. Modern Bird Bath

Modern Birdbath

If you want to dress up your outdoor space or modern backyard ideas and offer a spot for your backyard bird friends to splash and play, a modern birdbath is an easy way to do so. Choose a square-topped birdbath for a modern feel or buy a birdbath that is in the shape of a flower or other object for a unique option. The type of finish you choose may also give the birdbath a modern look.

Even if you don’t want your bird bath to stand out that much and want it to be a subtle addition to your yard, albeit modern, you’ll have plenty of options. There are many classic style concrete bird baths that still have a bit of a modern touch and go wonderfully with other modern decor items in your yard.

8. Modern Statuary

crescent moon modern statuary


A backyard modern statuary added to your outdoor gardens or poolside deck will exude class and style all in one. The statuary can be as ornate in design as you like or more subdued in design. Some modern statuary ideas include sphere statues, mythical creature statues, Asian-influenced statues, and cylinder rain fountain statues, to name a few.

In addition to having many different designs and styles to choose from when you pick your modern statuary, you’ll also find that these items come in many different color tones and finishes. This way, you can find the right finish to complete the modern look of your outdoor space.

9. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are extremely popular and provide an easy way to add a modern touch to your backyard. In addition to being an excellent focal point for family members and guests to enjoy, your outdoor fireplace will also keep you warm as you enjoy crisp evenings outside or just want the ambiance that outdoor fireplaces provide. Some types of outdoor fireplaces include chimineas, fire pits, fire tables, tabletop fireplaces, and fire bowls.

10. Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

pastel colored outdoor bean bag chair


Outdoor seating is important, no matter whether you only have to accommodate your family or have frequent visitors to your home and need a place for everyone to sit. Outdoor bean bag chairs provide a modern way to accommodate your family and your guests. These seating options not only give off a modern vibe, but they’re extremely comfortable seats as well

Some outdoor bean bag chairs you can find to improve your outdoor space include stylishly crafted curved chairs, convenient ottomans, and comfortable chaise lounges. No matter what area of space you have to work with, there’s sure to be a perfectly sized outdoor bean bag chair to fit within the desired location on your backyard deck or pool patio.

How can you make your backyard look luxurious?

Paying attention to the finer details, such as carefully selecting materials for hardscaping, furniture, and landscaping, can help achieve a luxurious appearance for your backyard. Incorporating a backyard fountain or outdoor fireplace as a focal point can enhance the luxurious feel of your backyard. Opting for a single color scheme for flowers, installing a privacy fence, and keeping your backyard well-maintained and tidy can create a sense of luxury, regardless of the size of your outdoor space.

Add a Modern Feel to Your Backyard Landscape

It doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming task to turn an outdated or lackluster backyard into a modern landscape. Sometimes all it takes is adding one or two modern outdoor decor pieces to spruce up the yard and make it an eye-catching display.

You can start the update process by adding a small fountain or bird bath. You can also add aluminum pergolas to provide shade and create a comfortable and stylish environment for relaxation and gatherings.

Then you can add another modern item to your backyard and continue with the updates until you’ve reached the finished product you’ve envisioned all along.

When choosing items to add to your yard, consider the following:

• How much space do I have to work with?
• What style am I going for with regard to the finished product?
• Do I prefer large or small outdoor decor items?
• What is my budget?
• What color scheme do I want to go with?
• Who will see my backyard on a frequent basis?
• Do I prefer a vibrant design or a more classic modern look?
• As you consider these items as you shop, it will make it more likely that you’ll choose the perfect additions to your outdoor space.

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