Floor Fountains


FAQ Floor Water Fountains

1) Do the floor fountains splash or make a mess on the floor below it?

     No. They are careful designed to prevent any sort of splashing or over filling. They do not make a mess unless someone actually splashes in the water themselves.  

2) How do I keep the floor fountain clean?

     Cleaning any fountain requires a process, but it is a simple one. Makes sure to unplug the pump and drain the model of any water. Then, using a mild soap or our recommended fountain cleaner Protec, with water, proceed to clean all the parts and surfaces. Fill with distilled water, plug back in, and you’re  

3) How Often Do I Clean It?

    Due to the dust, skin particles, cooking residues, and other nasty things in the air, your indoor model’s pump will be working that much harder. So, it’s good to give a nice, thorough cleaning a few times each year. You can always monitor it and see for yourself when it should be cleaned. 

Floor Fountains

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