St. Louis Fountains


American Legion World War II Commemorative Drinking Fountain

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Located in the memorial plaza, this serves as a continuous fountain which has bubbles which was donated by the American Legion to the City in year 1944.

Louis G. “Midge” Berra Bust & Fountain

Situated in Berra Park, Shaw & Macklind, this monumental park gives honor to Midge Berra who served as long time political force in the southern area of St. Louis. It was donated by the Hill Association and given the proper dedication in June 1968.

Colonial Daughter Fountain

Located in Forest Park, Jewel Box Gardens, this fountain was donated by the Missouri Society of Colonial Daughters and was given proper dedication in 1947.

The Musicians Memorial & Fountain

Located in Forest Park, this fountain was sculpted by Victor Holm. It honors Owen Miller and Otto Ostendorf who served as the treasurers and secretary of the Federation of Musicians for numerous years. It was donated by the St Louis Chapter of the National Federation of Musicians and was given dedication during May 1925.

Kiener Memorial Fountain & Runner Statue

Kiener Memorial Fountain & Runner Statue

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Located in Kiener Plaza, this fountain was sculpted by William Zorach. Both the statue and the fountain were donations of Harry J. Kiener and was given proper dedication in October 1996. Harry Kiener was born in St. Louis and started as an amateur sportsman who was good in boxing, wrestling and swimming. But he became very much popular when he held a position at the track team of USA during the Olympics in 1904. He works as an executive in a steel company but he was known for his generous heart. He also served on the Zoological Board of Control and the Shriner’s Hospital.

Lucas Gardens & Margeret R. KinKaid Drinking Fountain

Located in Lucas Gardens, this fountain was sculpted by Nancy Coonsman Hahn. Donated in the loving memory of John B.C. Lucas, this fountain was rendered by Mrs. Kinkaid’s estate in Missouri who allotted $4,000 for the drinking fountain in a public park in St. Louis. In the original plan, the fountain will be utilized for watering some horses but in the end it was decided that it be kept as an area of relaxation and rejuvenation for many of the citizens. It decorated with six kids and water bubbles come out from the heads of four dolphins. In the original design, there was even a sundial right in the middle of it. The benches though were also intricately designed then and were supported with some figures of elves.

Meeting of the Waters" by Carl Milles

The Meeting of the Water (Milles) Fountains

By Kbh3rd (Own work) [Public domain or CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Located in Aloe Plaza, this was sculpted by Carl Milles. All the basic work and foundation of this fountain came from the efforts of Mrs. Louis P. Aloe. After becoming familiar with Carl Milles’ work at a particular art exhibition in St. Louis in 1930, she was driven with inspiration to build a great fountain. It signifies the procession of marriage between Mississippi and Missouri rivers. There are also 17 water sprites which symbolize the tinier streams that lead into the two bigger rivers.