Fountain of Rings | Centennial Olympic Park

By Scott Ehardt - Own work, Public Domain, Link

After a total of ten years in time with over twenty million visitors, this fountain at the Centennial Olympic Park has received a comprehensive overhauling process during the winter season of 2006 which cost over three million dollars. The renovation plan was just a part of the entire improvement plans to maintain the high quality of the Centennial Olympic Park which thus includes the All Children’s Playground and the popular cross walk in between Park and Georgia Aquarium.

The renovation for the said Fountain of Rings dealt with the overall infrastructure which includes wiring, piping, computer programming, lighting, water jets, bricks and even the music. Visitors can obviously see the difference it made during each Fountain of Rings show where the water dances already in sync with some common tuned along with lighting and sound effects.

When the fountain was renovated, it offered a more amazing display of performance which featured more intricacy and additional creativity. It helped for the fountain to remain as one of the most in demand aspect of the park. The Fountain of Rings would remain to be the centerpiece display of the Centennial Olympic Park where visitors have to really get their pictures taken during their visit in Georgia.

Millions of guests are composed of both international and local individuals who visit the park each day to gain witness of this biggest interactive fountain worldwide which feature the symbol of the Olympic Ring. Its amazing image can also be seen from the view of the arriving guests of the Atlanta Airport.

The neighborhood location of the Centennial Olympic Park was an old worn out part of the town. Everything started to change when Billy Payne, the Olympic Games CEO of the Atlanta Committee gazed out of his office window and an inspiration struck him. It was to convert a multi-block run down eyesore of a sight into an impressive spot for gatherings and events which locals and visitors can enjoy not only during the Centennial Olympic Games in 1996, but also for the long run ahead.

Good thing Atlanta agreed with the vision with such utmost support. The costs which reached up to $75 million were donated by private sectors and all the contributions were made to symbolize in the form of bricks. Other grants were given by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and other philanthropic organizations and foundations.

With all the collective support of everyone in the community, the vision led to reality along with the willingness displayed by the State of Georgia. It was the office who took the lead in the entire development of the Park and deserve to assume the ownership after the Olympic games.

After the games, a section of the Centennial Olympic Park was put to a close for further remodelling to make it more ideal for the use of the general public. Its newly designed landscape and all its additional amenities were introduced to the public in March of 1998 through a gala celebration.

At present, it serves as the lasting memorabilia of the previous Centennial Olympic Games and promoted the commercial development of Georgia.