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Marble Wall Fountains

Marble wall fountains are an amazing piece of art worth owning. The life brought into the outdoor and indoor areas will impress any guest. While many people think of marble with tiered outdoor fountains, marble wall fountains are mainly used as an indoor piece in home and offices. Due to the size of the wall fountains, it's common to see these units in larger settings making them a luxury piece. The marble wall fountain is a true work of art that would raise the appeal of any office. 


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The Soothing Company is dedicated to only the best indoor water features and is a reliable choice when it comes to marble wall fountains. Waterfall Fountains are a great way to bring the soothing sounds of nature into the indoor environment. They make for great indoor focal points and are available in a variety of styles and design. Clients will marvel at the elegance in your office decor when you add a marble water fountain. The sounds create a relaxing environment that makes the area pleasant. Express your personality by choosing a style to finish, a piece that matches your style perfectly.

No Splash Zone 

The water features the Soothing Company offers are all sent through quality inspection to ensure only the best product reaches the public. A good point of inspection is the splash level, all the fountains offered by the manufacturer are splash resistant. The only weekly maintenance is ensuring the fountain has the proper level of water in its basin. The lack of splash zones allows the owner to sit close to the fountain and enjoy the unit.

This is perfect for an office environment because the client’s safety is a top priority. Buying your water feature from a trusted source allows for peace of mind. When you produce quality units like the Soothing Company you can be trusted to manufacture high-level water features. Knowing that the unit is made to last, proper maintenance will ensure it outlasts the office space. This is a great unit to establish an indoor relaxing environment.

Built To Last 

The fountains built by the Soothing Company are built to last. Each unit undergoes an inspected during quality control and production. These units are good for both home and office environment. They are made to stay flush against the wall, for more space. The quality of the products makes them worth their price. The marble alone is an expensive material due to its durability. A stone proved to last throughout the ages. Marble wall Fountains are always a good investment.

Get The Perfect Unit 

There are many different styles to express. And depending on your selection, you may find all the ones you desire in one fountain. Luckily the industry is full of competition and options. The Soothing Company has one of the most extensive selections available on the market. This style fountain in the office or home expresses your personal touch. Like your personality, you can customize and move things around in your office or home area to accommodate your fountain. you can even customize these features to add a personal or company logo. Logo fountains are the perfect way to make a lasting impression. The catalog has many water fountains worth mentioning and we will discuss a few of them below.

Sunrise Springs Marble Wall Fountain 

This fantastic piece is one of our most popular fountains for larger settings and offers soothing sounds to go along with its amazing appeal. The unit extends across the wall. It's long and wide for a wall fountain. This makes it a great centerpiece. The mix of colors varies but most choose a light gold trim with a brown marble background. The units back light brings the glare in the marble and adds to the fountains luster. The light's intensity is perfect for outdoor environments.

Solitude River Marble Wall Fountain 

Solitude River Marble Wall Fountain is an elegant option for the large office. The three-piece panel of marble makes this unit one of the most vast the company offers. The popularity of this unit with corporate towers has made it a staple for coming design. The black panel is made from pure marble and looks great when the water flows over the wall unit. If you love the size of this large water wall, but don't want three panels, you can also get this as a mirror wall fountain with just one solid mirror panel.

Soothing Company 

The Soothing Company has one of the best catalogs available and marble wall fountain can be found in abundance. Make the right decision and contact the Soothing Company and let our professional staff guide you to the find the perfect piece for your home or office. The Soothing Company is the most trusted brand and is known for producing quality marble wall fountains.