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Large Wall Fountains

Wall fountains of any kind are a great addition to any space, commercial or residential. When you add a fountain into your space, you inject a sense of relaxation and luxury all in one beautifully aesthetic fixture. So, if you plan on adding a fixture such as this to your home or office, why not go big and make it a large wall fountain? You can create the ultimate ambiance with one of these large water walls, acting as a focal point in the space that it occupies.


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When you have guests or clients visiting, they will instantly be drawn to your new water feature. And why wouldn’t they be? The soothing nature of the falling water is enough to draw anyone’s attention but when it is cascading down a beautiful backdrop, it is impossible to ignore.

Splash Resistant 

One of the best features of an indoor wall fountain such as these is that they are splash resistant. It might not seem like that big of a deal but the mess and hazards that can be caused by that splashing can be too great to ignore.

In homes or office areas that have children or the elderly, that splash resistant technology can save you from a heap of trouble. The last thing you want is someone to slip and fall while passing by this fixture, but the splash resistance makes that a thing of the past.

A quality large wall mounted fountain will promote safety as well as ambiance and atmosphere and you get the whole package with a fixture like this. The elegance experienced is complete as there is no need to wipe up errant splashing again.

Endless Selection

There is little doubt that versatility is one of the greatest factors available to any sort of wall fountain. There is no need to shoehorn in a certain look with your current design motif, not when you can choose from a litany of colors and finishes.

Finding the right look to fit your current design has never been easier and affords you so many opportunities to create unique and cool combinations. Choose a design that fits in seamlessly with your current aesthetic or go off the map with something completely bold and different.

Whatever indoor fountain you choose, there are more options than you could possibly imagine. That level of versatility and adaptability is part of what makes a feature such as this so great as a design addition and compliments any space in any color or finish.

Rugged, Natural Feel

Want to bring the natural beauty of the great outdoors into your space while still maintaining all the comforts of modern amenities? Nothing beats a large wall fountain. With a huge fixture cascading water at all times, you will feel like you are positioned near a gorgeous waterfall without the nasty insects to go with it.

Being outdoors certainly has its appeal, but it also has its downsides as well. With a wall fountain, you can eliminate the downsides of Mother Nature and bring the great outdoors indoors. Create a modern, comfortable space that feels like you are enjoying all that the environment has to offer.

Soothing Ambiance

Perhaps the best aspect of any water fountain is the soothing relaxation that comes with it. There is nothing quite like the sound of water as it cascades down a stone or mirror façade. The steady trickle soothes the very atmosphere, creating a relaxing hangout for anyone.

You will find yourself drawn to the large wall fountain each time you step into the room. And why wouldn’t you? We all could do with a little more relaxation in our lives and a gorgeous fixture like these will provide you with a getaway oasis unlike any other.

Simply put you will not be able to fathom how you lived your life without one before. Not only will it become your new favorite fixture, it will become your new favorite hangout either at home or at the office.