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All Floor Fountains

All floor fountains add a natural feel to the home that makes having a water feature worth its weight in gold. Waterfalls are one of the wonders of nature and to be able to resemble the world in the home with water walls is a marvelous experience. Since ancient times indoor and outdoor fountains have been in use and they continue to be a staple in both indoor and outdoor décor. The Soothing Company offers a multitude of floor fountains in their catalog.


On All Floor Fountains


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Floor fountains are good in both outdoor and indoor environments. There a practical option for a variety of reasons. The complete setup and the lack of maintenance make them ideal in offices and homes. The units are diverse and come in many shapes, styles, and design. The variety makes it easier to match up with any style. Waterfall Fountains can be placed in many places and adds a lot of personality to your décor. The Soothing Company produces its own fountains and can create a custom piece to fit any décor.

Splash Resistant

Splash Resistant floor fountains are a must in today’s fast-paced world. The Soothing Company is all about customer safety and they inspect every unit before installation. The screening process on the units ensures a quality product. This strategy allows the manufacturer to deliver high-quality products that match every safety standard. The floor fountain is low maintenance and only requires you to top off water levels due to evaporation. It’s common for water to evaporate over time.

This fountain design is more reliable than others on the market because of the splash-resistant feature. All floor fountains have a smooth flow of water and design that doesn’t allow splash. This splash resistance is part of the long lasting durability of the units. The high standard units produced by The Soothing Company makes it a leader in water features.

Trusted Brands 

The best way to ensure you receive a durable product is purchasing from a trusted manufacturer. We are a trusted company with years of experience producing quality fountains. All floor fountains we offer are made with the finest materials. The fountains come in all types of designs to match any décor. These fountains, once installed, can outlast your home. Each water feature is made to finish and this shows our commitment to excellence.

More Selection  

From slate floor fountains, to glass floor fountains, we have a wide variety of fountains to choose from. Home décor says a lot of the personality of the owner and expressing yourself is crucial. There are many pieces one can combine to create a seamless feel and the centerpiece in many cases is the waterfall fountain. The floor fountain option offers more variety than other styles due to the practicality and ease of placement. Below will discuss some of the most popular designs offered by The Soothing Company.

Austin Outdoor Fountain 

This fountain provides an elegant design combined with a unique flow of water. The fountain features a space-saving design that makes it a logical choice of many different themed gardens. The grey color with amazing trim shows the imagination of the designer. Outdoor fountains don't require much maintenance, but you will want to make sure to winterize your fountain to prepare it for colder temperatures. Most gardens have a fountain, but a floor fountain offers options in convenience that can’t be matched.

Harmony River Floor Fountain  

This unit is a tall fountain with a solid base and the perfect addition to any space. The combination of rocks and water in the basin makes for a sturdy fountain that won't budge. Floor fountains come in many designs and this style fits any décor. You can even turn this into a custom fountain by changing dimensions or materials. You can add the floor fountain to the interior of the home and impress guest when they stop by.

Soothing Company 

The Soothing Company is dedicated to the manufacture of quality all floor fountains. The company the premier water features producer in the market place. The endless selection of fountains this manufacturer offers is helpful when searching for the perfect fountain. We are only a phone call away. Our talented customer service professionals will guide you through the entire selection process and ensure you get the right fountain for your home.