Mythical Animal Garden Statues to Transform Your Outdoor Space

We have been putting statues in our gardens for a long time. Usually, a statue of a rabbit or a frog will bring a fun look to a traditional garden. If you are looking for something more whimsical for your garden, adding statues of mythical creatures will bring something new to look at and will be interesting conversation starters. Mythical animal statues are not new as garden decorations. Romans once placed statues of their gods to protect them. Many gardens in China are adorned with statues of dragons along with other creatures. You can make your garden the one everyone wants to visit with some interesting sculptures.

What Are Mythical Creatures?

Many cultures are built on the stories of mythology. Every region of the world has fantastical tales of gods, heroes, creatures, and villains that explain why things happen. We have trusted the gods and creatures of these stories to protect us from harm and evil.

Even though we have more explanations than our ancestors, we still enjoy telling the stories of these creatures.

Books and movies are full of dragons, gods, and other beings of myth. We have paid tribute to them with sculptures. You can add some of that to your home garden with some of our mythical creature statues.

We have a variety of mythical animal statues to add a magical element to your traditional garden. If you are looking for a dragon, gnome, or gargoyle statue, Soothing Company has a variety to choose from.


Dragon gardens have been part of many cultures for centuries. Many stories written in western cultures portray the dragon as an evil force. They are creatures of destruction and death in many fantasy tales.

However, tales of dragons have been in the east for much longer. Those stories see the dragon as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Dragon statues in your garden bring fortune into your life and are an integral part of garden decor worldwide.

Festival Dragon Statue

Dragons of the East

Many of the dragons we have seen in stories and movies are based on legends from places like China. Their dragons look a lot different than the ones seen in the stories by Tolkien. Eastern dragons are more serpent-like and usually adorned with a beard.

We have several classic eastern dragon statues for you to add to your garden. Our festival and azure dragons can adorn the path, and a large water dragon will be a perfect accent for your fountain.

Our dragon statues have a customizable finish, so you can be sure it is the right fit for your space.

Azure Dragon

Fantasy Dragons

In the west, we have turned dragons into fire-breathing dinosaurs with wings. They look much different than the classic eastern style. Placing statues of these mythical creatures can add a whimsical look to your garden.

Dragons can be imposing creatures, and we have several that are perched to protect your natural space.

The Fiona Winged Dragon and Abraxas are available to add a classical look. And you will also find some smaller sculptures that are cute and cuddly dragons like the Whimper or Puzzle Cast to adorn flower beds.

Fiona Winged Dragon Statue


No mythical creature is more at home in a garden than the classic gnome statue. Gnomes of myth lived deep in the forest and had magical powers that would protect crops and plants.

Over the years, we have watched them evolve into playful creatures with pointed hats and long, white beards.

The statues we use now are especially popular among children as we tell them stories of how the gnomes are napping, and when there are no people around, they will come to life and tend to the garden.

We have a lot of garden gnomes to choose from for your garden space. You will find Ulrich Von Snootypants or our George sculpture to add levity to your garden parties. Creatures like Joe and Gavin are napping and biding their time to wake up and get to work.

All our gnomes are the classic look with pointed hats. Some have beards, and all of them are in fun poses. The statue finish is customizable to ensure they work well with your other decor. We also have a gnome house called Gnome Sweet Home to adorn your space. 

Ulrich von Snootypants Gnome Statue

Gargoyles and Grotesques

Gargoyles have been seen as religious symbols since they were used in ancient Rome. They have the power to ward off evil spirits and demonic forces. They were usually placed on buildings and churches to protect the people inside. 

Gargoyles have become a common part of garden decorations as well. They were once differentiated from grotesques in that gargoyles were water spouts.

However, they have become interchangeable over the years. They are interesting to look at and they have a story to tell for those who like their historical and religious aspects. 

We have a lot of gargoyles to choose from. If you want something serious and brooding you might choose Oscar, Eryl, or Ernie. For something cute and funny, you can go with Grumblethrope or Paws. Any of them have a customizable finish, as always.

Grumblethrope Gargoyle Statue

Final Thoughts

Having statues in your garden is a fun way to add accents to your home. People love to look at the plants and flowers you spend so much time cultivating. However, the real conversation comes from the sculptures you choose to decorate your area, like a beautiful phoenix statue.

Adding dragons, gnomes, and gargoyles to your garden makes it much more whimsical than simple animals.

When guests come into your garden, you can amaze them with your knowledge of their history and their abilities. They become much more than simple decorations at that point. They will be an integral part of your garden’s personality.

We want to help you choose the right statues for your garden space. We have great customer service to help you decide what is right for you and to get the customizations you want.

And our prices are hard to beat.  When we add in our guarantee of free shipping, you will be adding culture and class to your garden at the best possible price. 

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