6 Adorable Birdbath Fountains For Your Garden

There are many ways to spruce up your yard and make it an eye-catching display that makes passersby stop and stare with envy to a cat statue or a gorgeous concrete bird bath. One way to do so is by adding a lovely birdbath fountain to your front, side, or back yard. From simple birdbath fountains to ones of a more ornate fashion, you can choose the bird baths fountain that works well with your home exterior and landscape. You can also select a bird baths water fountain in a wide array of designs and sizes for your garden. Choose from the following Birdbath Fountain Options below. 


Meridian Fountain by Soothing Company

 Meridian Fountain

The Meridian Fountain is an awe-inspiring addition to any aspiring birdbath in garden. This birdbath fountain is available in 14 appealing finishes that replicate the enticing look of naturally aged materials. Your backyard birds will love splashing around in your new yard addition and you’ll enjoy watching these daily nature habits unfold on your property. Each lovely finish is hand applied as it’s produced so you can be certain that your fountain is carefully constructed every step of the way. The Meridian Fountain is 24.75"L x 24.75″W x 36″H.


Longmeadow Fountain by Soothing Company

 Longmeadow Fountain

The Longmeadow Fountain is classic and stylish all in one eye-catching bird baths fountain. With 14 lovely finishes to choose from, you can pick the colour tone that works best with your backyard landscape or front lawn area. Give water for birds to splash and play as you watch nature unfold before your very own eyes. The Longmeadow Fountain a cheap birdbath but it is constructed of fibre-reinforced cast stone concrete and works with no plumbing required. Simply plug it in and it’s ready to welcome in the wildlife. The Longmeadow Fountain is 24"L x 24"W x 36"H.


Camellia Birdbath Fountain by Soothing Company

 Camellia Birdbath Fountain

The Camellia Birdbath Fountain is beauty and utility all rolled into an extraordinary birdbath fountain. The fibre-reinforced cast stone concrete fountain works easily simply by plugging it in with no plumbing required. The circulating water function ensures that your backyard birds enjoy fresh flowing water from the bird bath bowls throughout the day and night. Choose from 14 unique finishes and select the style that works best with your outdoor decor. The Camellia Birdbath Fountain is 25.25″L x 25.25″W x 34.5″H.


Passaros II Fountain by Soothing Company

 Passaros II Fountain

The Passaros II Fountain offers an elegant way to serve up refreshing water for the birds on your property. With a sturdy fibre-reinforced cast stone concrete construction and intricate detailing, you have a bird bath fountain that looks great and will stand the test of time. These bird baths models, adorned with five beautiful bird figures, this birdbath fountain is sure to attract a lot of winged visitors. Choose from 14 unique finishes and select one that’s perfect for your yard and individual style. The Passaros II Fountain is 23.5"L x 23.5"W x 31"H.



Aya Bird Fountain

 Aya Bird Fountain

The Aya Bird Fountain offers an ideal opportunity to decorate your yard with a lovely bird baths fountain that will keep birds cool and brighten your landscape. This bird bath water fountain is available in 14 unique colour schemes and has a sturdy fibre-reinforced cast stone concrete construction. The appealing detail of a single bird perched on top of the fountain makes it even more attractive to all who pass by and you’ll want to stay awhile to watch bird bathing in it, too! Bird bath fountains come in many designs from traditional to modern. The Aya Bird Fountain is 49"L x 19"W x 28.5"H.



Flores Pedestal Fountain by Soothing Company

 Flores Pedestal Fountain

The Flores Pedestal Fountain offers an elegant bird bath fountain option for your water feature in garden. With pedestal design and two-tier style, this birdbath water fountain is sure to attract birds from near and far. Choose from 14 unique finishes and pick one bird bath finish that is perfect for your landscape. The hand-applied finish gives this fountain a personal touch with attention to detail every step of the way. The Flores Pedestal Fountain is 26"L x 26"W x 36"H.

How does a bird bath fountain work?

A bird bath fountain operates on a simple yet effective mechanism to provide fresh, flowing water for birds to drink and bathe in, all while adding a charming aesthetic to your outdoor space. Here's how it works:

  1. Pump System: The heart of a birdbath fountain is an electric or solar-powered pump that is submerged in the water basin. This pump is responsible for circulating water through the fountain.

  2. Water Circulation: The pump draws water from the basin and pushes it up through a central spout or multiple nozzles. As the water flows upward, it creates a continuous stream or spray pattern, which not only looks attractive but also generates the soothing sound of moving water.

  3. Recirculation: Once the water reaches the top of the fountain, it cascades back down into the basin, where it is collected and recirculated. This recirculation ensures that the water remains fresh and prevents stagnation.

  4. Optional Features: Some birdbath water features may have additional features, such as adjustable flow rates, LED lighting for nighttime ambiance, or solar panels to operate without electricity.

In essence, a bird bath fountain uses a pump to create a continuous water flow, providing a dynamic and inviting source of clean water for birds to drink from and bathe in while enhancing the visual and auditory appeal of your outdoor space.

How to attract birds to your yard with a bird bath fountain?

Attracting birds to your yard with a bird bath fountain is a rewarding endeavor that brings the joy of avian visitors to your outdoor space. To do this effectively, consider the following steps:

  1. Selecting the Right Bird Bath Fountain: Opt for a birdbath water feature that suits the size and style of your yard. Look for models with shallow basins, textured surfaces, and a gentle water flow to appeal to a variety of bird species.

  2. Strategic Placement: Choose a location that offers safety and visibility. Birds prefer areas near shrubs or trees for cover and perches. Ensure it's within view from your home, allowing you to enjoy the bird activity.

  3. Maintenance: Regularly clean the bird bath to prevent algae growth and maintain water quality. Change the water every few days and scrub the basin to prevent disease transmission.

  4. Water Depth: Maintain a depth of about 1-2 inches in the basin to ensure birds can comfortably bathe without the risk of drowning.

  5. Provide Food and Shelter: Complement the bird bath with feeders and nesting sites to make your yard even more attractive to birds.

In conclusion, attracting birds with a bird bath fountain involves careful selection, strategic placement, and regular maintenance. By creating a welcoming environment, you can enjoy the beauty of feathered visitors in your own backyard while contributing to their well-being.

Where to put your birdbath fountain?

Selecting the right location for your birdbath fountain is crucial to attract and provide a safe haven for feathered visitors. Here are some considerations:

  1. Visibility: Place the birdbath fountain where you can easily observe it from your home, like near a window or a patio, so you can enjoy watching the birds.

  2. Proximity to Cover: Birds prefer locations with nearby trees, shrubs, or perches, offering them a sense of security and a place to rest before and after bathing. However, ensure that potential predators can't easily access the bath from these hiding spots.

  3. Access to Sunlight: While some shade is beneficial to prevent overheating of the water, ensure the bird bath fountain receives some sunlight to discourage algae growth and maintain water quality.

  4. Safety: Position it away from high-traffic areas where pets or humans may disturb the birds. Safety is crucial for both the birds and your fountain.

  5. Accessibility: Make sure you can easily access the fountain for cleaning and refilling without disturbing the birds.

  6. Level Ground: Place the fountain on a level surface to prevent tilting or water spillage.

By considering these factors, you can create an inviting and safe oasis for birds in your yard, encouraging them to visit and enjoy your birdbath water feature.

Add a New Birdbath Fountain to Your Landscape

Decorating your yard with a bird bath fountains will add a personal touch to your property and be a sure hit with the neighborhood birds,  there are a lot of things to consider like ornate bird feeder items, bird bath bowls but consider to choose a simple design for a subtle touch or select a more ornate birdbath water fountain option to enable your newest landscape addition to take the spotlight in your yard. Whichever bird baths fountain you choose, you are sure to enjoy watching the wildlife stop by each day and splash around in the new decor piece. 

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