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A painting or funny looking mask on a wall can either brighten up or destroy a room. Let’s face it, the Incan face mask is a little tacky and insulting to the Incans who were massacred and paintings are a dime a dozen. What you and everyone in this world truly needs is something unique and unusual, something that no one else has to brighten up your walls and create an effect of artistic sophistication. Wall fountains from The Soothing Company are the answer to your water wall needs. We have indoor fountains that are safe to use indoors.

Wall mounted fountains are both practical and stylish; they can be easily mounted with virtually no complicated work. They come in a variety of styles and materials, such as classical marble or slate surface. Each material includes various highlights including copper and stainless steel. We at The Soothing Company are dedicated to giving you the very best horizontal wall fountains that we can possibly create.

The water from our slate water features will create sounds to calm even the most savage beast and the fountain can become the focal point of a room. Our production techniques are second to none and the best part is that our wall fountains are all unique as no two are made precisely the same way. The colors we create from the materials we use at The Soothing Company produce contemporary fountains that will both astound and amaze you or your co-worker. We also have fountains from great brands such as Bluworld, Adagio Water Features and Water Wonders.

Our teams of skilled artisans spend every minute of every single day putting their passion and skill into all the wall water fountains they make using their creativity and imagination to create wall fountains that are not only wall fountains, but masterpieces of design. Despite all the creation and craft involved in creating these wonders of wall fountain design, we at The Soothing Company ensure that safety is never compromised with our water fountains, if it doesn’t pass our stringent tests it is not put onto our website.

You can choose from a wide variety of strong and sturdy materials that will endure for centuries for your indoor waterfall design, we even have materials that are lighter and easier to manage, although our indoor waterfalls are all easy to install and extremely simple to manage. You will be spoiled for choice; we have water walls, indoor fountains and all kinds of modern and contemporary options.  Our outdoor wall fountain options are quite impressive so if you do not have a place indoors to place one, you might consider the outside.

Wall water features should be about making your space -- whether it is a home or office -- into something you can truly feel happy in and our wide variety of styles can provide just that. We have wall fountains to suit your budget and we can even be called in if you need a custom wall fountain made for your own tastes; your needs are our needs at The Soothing Company. Something even more unique is our wall aquariums offered to impress and calm your guests.

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