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Gist Finishes

Gist’s cast stone products are available in a choice of twenty-one (21) beautiful color finishes. Each finish is hand applied to give each feature a unique and original look. Gist colors are available in Acrylic finishes. Some colors indicate an optional streak. This drip/streak will be visible on the front facing side on a flat portion of your unit. If you wish to add an additional drip or streak to the opposite side of the first streak, please reach out to us for a quote. You can also request no streak. You must indicate that specific request to us, otherwise the single streak will be applied. 

Each finish is applied after the concrete has been poured and dried to give them all a one-of-a-kind look. As the finishes are hand applied, the colors will take to concrete differently each time and will vary.

These finishes will not prevent natural aging that takes place from environmental factors, and over time, your feature will continue to take on its own unique and stunning personality. We always highly recommend ordering physical color samples to see how the colors will look in person. Even if the same process is used, colors may vary from the samples to the feature you receive. No matter what color you choose, your feature will be beautiful and unique to you.

Gist Colors