Fountain of Nations at Epcot Center

This fountain located right in the heart of the Epcot Center has been called for a lot of names already. It was either called fountain of world friendship, communication core fountain, innoventions fountain and as the fountain of nations.

Fountain of Nations at Epcot Center

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Whatever name others may call it, it is considered as a landmark for meeting places. It also has a SpaceShip Earth in its background and it tells the story of utmost dedication. It was during October 24, 1982 at around 11:00 in the morning when the Grand Opening Dedication Ceremonies were held right at the EPCOT Center. There were trumpeters, drummers and the West Point Glee Club during the said event.

There were around four thousand guests which included Walt Disney production executives Donn Tatum, Card Walker and Mrs. Lilian Disney herself. There were also some other VIPs composed of corporate executives and political figures from all states. The event started with a flag ceremony and followed by the International Ceremony of the Waters.

Inspired by Walt Disney’s similar event for it’s a small world attraction, all the performing groups surrounded the fountain of nations and each poured some water into it. Each of the vessels used were to represent each country. The water that flows in this fountain of nation was acquired from rivers, oceans, lakes of a total of 23 countries and signifies the national understanding between many nations.

Despite Mrs. Disney not speaking at the event, the Walk Disney CEO and Chairman Card Walker made this unforgettable speech about the fountain of nations on that very momentous day:

“May EPCOT Center entertain, inform, and inspire, and above all may it instill a new sense of belief and pride in man's ability to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere in the world.' Thank you."

The countries included in the pouring of the water to the fountain were: Canada, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Japan, Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, Barbados, Puerto Rico, China, Philippines, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Yugoslavia. Water came from as far away as the Arctic Ocean, the Nile River in Africa, and Yangtze River in China. There were fireworks at the end concluding portion of the event.

It took the major organizers of this event a total of four years of planning with twenty various committees in charge from the design and down to the talent bookings and transportation. At present, the outdoor water feature displays water ballet every fifteen minutes. It propels over 50 gallons of water in about 150 feet up in the air. During the water’s performance, there are also various musical scoring selections which rotate accordingly such as the The Rescuers Down Under, the Rocketeer by Disney’s live action film and even Standing in Motion by Yanni.

The designers of the program of the water ballet took around three months to finish and even find a way to add colors to the light when the water ballet gets to shows its performance at night. All of the water, lights and scoring of the fountain are computer controlled.