Ethanol Fireplaces - 5 Reasons To Own One

Ethanol Fireplaces


Wouldn't be amazing to enjoy the comfort of a real flame fireplace anywhere you desired? Thanks to modern technology, this is now a reality. Ethanol fireplaces burn clean, so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals. These clean burning fireplaces allow you to say goodbye to smoke stained furniture and clothes.

Traditional fireplaces are messy and can cost thousands to install. Ethanol fireplaces provide the same real flame effect but at a fraction of the costs, and without all the messy clean-up. Best of all, because ethanol fireplaces don't require ventilation, you can enjoy them anywhere even to tabletop fireplace.

Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

The Soothing Company offers a wide selection of ethanol fireplaces to suit your décor needs. Our designers are experts at creating the unique and stunning ethanol fireplaces in the world. No matter what type of fireplace you are looking for, the Soothing Company offers a unit to take your décor to the next level.


Ethanol wall fireplaces add the perfect amount of ambiance to any room. These captivating units are designed to mount at eye level. This style of fireplace used to be only available to the super rich but thanks to ethanol technology, anyone can now enjoy these hypnotizing fire features.


A tabletop fireplace can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, dining room, or bar. These units are the perfect conversation starter. Best of all, they are incredibly portable. You can even take your ethanol tabletop fireplace with you wherever you go.


Recessed ethanol fireplaces provide you with an elegant centerpiece to enjoy. These units install flush with your wall to give you a simplistic but sleek look. Recessed ethanol fireplaces come in a wide variety of designs including Victorian, traditional, and modern.


An outdoor ethanol fireplace is one of the best ways to transform your yard space into the perfect ambiance. These units are ideal for enjoying the fall season. Choose a design to complement your outdoor décor and watch how your loved ones flock to the space. Stay warm and enjoy more of your patio with an outdoor ethanol fireplace.


Ethanol floor fireplaces are the perfect option for anyone interested in a standalone fire feature. These units range in size from small portable devices, up to massive firewalls. The complete design of these fireplaces makes them well suited for both home and professional use. The Soothing Company offers the most extensive selection of ethanol floor fireplaces available.


What is Ethanol?

The secret behind these fantastic fire features is their use of Ethanol. Ethanol fuel is created through the fermentation of sugars. These fermented sugars are flammable but burn clean. In some instances, yeast can be metabolized into sugars that ferment into ethanol.

How to Use an Ethanol Fireplace

Learning to use your ethanol fireplace is simple. Ethanol fireplaces utilize canisters filled the liquid to maintain the real flames you desire. You light the canister port on fire, and you are ready to start enjoying hours enjoying the gentle glow of your home fireplace.

When the ethanol canister runs out, you can quickly remove it and switch it for another cartridge. This ease of use is part of what makes these units so popular. The smooth operation and setup are perfect for anyone looking to add some romance into their lives.

The Benefits of Owning an Ethanol Fireplace 

There are countless benefits to owning an ethanol fireplace. For one, you can enjoy your fire feature anywhere. This portability means renters can add a fireplace to their home without worrying about voiding their rental agreement. Additionally, there are no harmful fumes to damage your lungs or your belongings. 

Traditional fireplaces are great, but they leave you stinking of smoke for hours after you have been around one. Bio ethanol fireplaces eliminate this problem by providing you with clean-burning fuel. Because there are no harmful chemicals, you don't have to run any ventilation. Ethanol fireplaces save you time and money.

The Soothing Company Knows Ethanol 

The Soothing Company is leading the pack when it comes to providing customers with reliable and unique bio ethanol fireplaces. We can even customize your order to fit your individual style. Every unit comes in a variety of finishes to choose from. Start enjoying your home or office more with an ethanol fireplace from The Soothing Company.

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