Exploring the 3 Types of Wall Fireplaces

Are You Exploring The 3 Types of Wall Fireplaces For Your Space?

For many years fireplaces were traditionally found in one place in the home; built into a wall in the living room. They have long been used as a heating source, to create ambiance and provide a focal point. Today, modern fireplaces are used for those same reasons, but they also double as art. This means you can throw out those traditional rules, and use them to literally transform a simple space into a more contemporary one.


Modern fireplaces are available in wall, floor and Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces in a nearly endless selection of sizes, styles, and finishes. Therefore, there is plenty of room for customization. They give you a way to break away from the norm and get creative with your space, and since they require no venting, they can virtually be put anywhere.

Placement Ideas

Floor – If you have not shopped for floor modern fireplaces, you can pretty much expect to be blown away. The styles available are unique, innovative and even fun. These are not fireplaces that have to be placed against a wall; they can be used to fill an empty corner or even create the illusion of a wall, which is what you see with the Magnus Bio Ethanol Freestanding Fireplace. You can virtually place these pieces anywhere, but do be mindful that they are not placed in the direct flow of a heavy traffic area.

Wall  Mounted – You might think that you don’t have any creative opportunities with wall modern fireplaces, but you really do. Who says that it has to be mounted in the middle of a wall, and at eye level? Contemporary is all about abstract so go ahead and mount it off-center or extra-low. As long as it is able to be the main focal point on a wall, this is all that matters.

Tabletop – You really can’t go wrong with the placement of a tabletop modern fireplace, but again, you don’t have to go for the obvious place. Your first instinct may be to place one on the coffee table or one of the end tables, but there are no rules that say it has to go there. Many people use these smaller fireplaces as floor varieties. You could even pair one up with a floor fountain to create a nice Zen area in a corner. Some people even do away with the traditional coffee table completely and put a fireplace in its place instead. There are no rules when it comes to creating a contemporary space.

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