Wall Outdoor Fountains

Wall outdoor fountains tend to be some of the most coveted varieties yet they are also some of the rarest to be found as you drive throughout your average neighborhood. These are pieces that manage to add mystery to your home and make it look far more costly than it is. Many people do not even shop for them because they assume this is the most expensive style. Well, although many years ago these decorative wall pieces were typically reserved for those mansions on the hill, times have certainly changed. Due to supply and demand, you will find that some of our most affordable pieces here at Soothing Company actually fall into this category.

An outdoor was fountain will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it. It will also add curb appeal to your home and even make your neighbors a little bit jealous. One placed on the wall of the back of your home is sure to be the topic of conversation with all your guests at your next barbeque.

Popular Styles

Here at the Soothing Company we have a wall outdoor fountain sure to suit the personal taste of anyone. We also have some that come in a huge variety of finishes, so if you want one to match and blend in with your house, this will not be a problem. If you prefer the weathered look, which is very popular right now, we have some of these too. Our Weathered Bronze Napoli Outdoor Wall Fountain is a fantastic example.

As you browse our selection you find that we offer these stunning pieces in a variety of shapes. Sometimes, even the slightest variation from straight to curved edges completely changes the feel of a piece. You will also discover most have carved or molded detail, such as a lion head, sea shell, leaf, fleur-de-lis, dragonfly, and more.

Freestanding Variety

Here at Soothing Company we understand that not everyone can mount one of these water features on the exterior of their home. For this reason, we also carry water walls in freestanding varieties. They are back-mounted, so the base is able to stand right up against your home. They offer the same level of mystery, only there is no mounting involved. These are perfect for renters too. Our Bavarian Wall Fountain is a great example of one that is a significant size, offers an intriguing water flow, and comes in more than two dozen gorgeous finishes.

Wall Outdoor Fountains