Do you love to sit outside whenever you get a chance? There’s nothing quite like an afternoon catnap in a comfortable hammock. The Soothing Company has a great collection of canvas, nylon and weather resistant Hammocks. Sit or lay and sway outdoors under the shade of a big oak tree, and don’t forget to buy a comfy Hammock Pillow to rest your head. The Soothing Company is a big fan of Fabric Hammock and hammock accessories that make spending time outside purely relaxing.

There isn’t a better way to spend a cool summer day than to rest outside in absolute comfort. Our soothing hammocks offer you top quality and luxury products with affordable prices. Each and every one of our hammocks offers you a unique way to match your outside décor. Really the only question is what your personal taste is and how big of a hammock do you want? Some of our big hammocks hold two people, so you can cuddle up to your significant other or your daughter or son.  Adding a water fountain nearby or patio umbrella will help add to your soothing environment.

If you’re looking for a hammock that has a classic design, you may want to look at the Palmetto Rope Hammock chair because of its thick cotton stings and solid elements. The Soothing Company also has fabric hammocks like the Palmetto Quilted chair, which offers you a contemporary way to relax in the backyard. Not only is this fabric hammock a cool looking way to enjoy the fresh air, it’s also made of outstanding materials that make it a high end hammock. Many of our hammocks use weather-resistant fabrics and a new cutting-edge coating. Each and every one of our hammocks is manufactured for comfort, style and made to withstand the stain of outdoor elements that typically erode less expensive hammocks.

You will also find hammocks like the Palmetto XL Polyester Terracotta, which offers you a very spacious way to do some “hang time” in the serenity of your own backyard. Our hammocks our crafted with the hammock industry’s thickest rope cords at 8 mm. These polyester hammock ropes are thick enough that you will never have to worry about breaking – just secure it to a couple of favorite sturdy trees or between a hammock stand. With so many great selections of hammocks, you may have a hard time trying to figure out which one to choose. Get a Rope Hammock for home, camp, the front porch, the kid’s tree house, miscellaneous adventures, grandma’s house and more. One thing is for sure, when you do get your hammock set up, you are going to love getting outside a lot more often. For an irresistible comfort and a good time, there is only one place to go, The Soothing Company!  The Soothing Company also offers bean bag chairs, electric fireplaces, and outdoor water fountains.


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