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Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are the perfect combination of a stylish patio chair and a cozy hammock, wrapped up to make a useful, comfortable seating option for your home or yard. If you love the feel of a hammock but prefer the formality of an actual chair, then a hammock chair is an excellent home décor addition to make to your patio or sunroom.


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For years, hammocks have been used to provide comfortable relaxation and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Today we have countless variations of rope hammocks including newer models that incorporate the elements of a regular chair for convenience. You can find them in a number of styles, shapes and colors, and they are pleasantly affordable. If you want a cozy spot to read a book or bask in the warm sun, consider the many features and benefits of these innovative chairs. Be sure to add a hammock pillow for ultimate comfort.  There are many different kinds of hammocks chair styles, but there are three main types that are very popular. There are hanging chairs, swing chairs, and rope chairs, all of which are different due to how they are constructed. The hanging chair hangs from a stable pole that is a part of a stand, or some can be hung from a tree. Swing chairs are attached to a stand and do not hang from a tree or pole, but instead hang from the sides of the stand similar to a porch swing. Rope chairs hang similarly to hanging chairs except they are made of strictly rope materials and no fabric. They have a very nautical look to them and are great at the beach or by the pool. Regardless of whether the hammock chair is made of rope, fabric, or a combination of both, the materials are very easy to clean and maintain. They are specifically designed to ward off mold and mildew and they provide weather resistant protection.

The Algoma Hanging Cotton Rope Chair is a rope chair model that adds a maritime touch to your poolside ambiance, complete with 100% white cotton rope that can hold up to 275 pounds. It is attached to an attractive oak wood bar that can be hung from any tree or porch, or you can purchase an additional stand for it separately. If you like the idea of a swing chair style, the Algoma Swing Chair and Stand Combination has four tropical fabric print selections to choose from and is a fun combination of a hammock, patio chair, and porch swing. The rope cord is mildew resistant and the seat cushion is filled with foam for extra comfort. The stand is also rust resistant and comes in a sharp bronze or flattering green color. This cozy swing hammock chair is only $165 and can be used indoors or outdoors. Finally, the Palmetto Quilted Hammock Chair is a hanging chair that is a fabric style instead of rope. The hanging bar is a pretty red oak color and is made with the same weather resistant features as the aforementioned models. Priced at $99, it is a high quality hammock chair for an excellent value. Consider any of these models for the next addition to your home or backyard.