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Rope Hammocks

Often when we think of lounging on a hammock, we picture the traditional rope hammock that has been around for years. Visions of tropical locations come to mind, along with sun hats, lemonade, and a good book. Fortunately, today we have a multitude of hammock styles to choose from that can be used right in our own homes and backyards.


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Rope hammocks make the perfect resting spot and allow us to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. They are perfect for taking a nap, listening to music, enjoying nature, or getting some sun. If you love spending time outdoors and are tired of resting on your usual patio furniture, a hammock may be just the option for you. The comfortable bed and slight swaying motion a hammock provides beats a regular lounge chair any day. Rope hammocks are strong, sturdy, and offer great comfort and style. Order with a hammock stand and extra hardware for hanging them between trees if you prefer that to the stand. The rope and stands are treated with protective coatings and are conveniently mildew and weather resistant, making them ideal for the outdoors. Many of them can hold two people and are safe enough to carry up to 150 to 450 pounds. Certain models can even be folded up with ease and toted around from destination to destination. Hammocks made of rope materials have been used for decades, which is a true testament to their popularity and usefulness. Unlike regular patio or lounge chairs, they are more casual and let you sink into nature as you sway from side to side. Depending on the quality of rope hammock you purchase, the downfall is certain models can absorb water and encourage mold if not dried properly. Overall though, most are designed for the outdoor elements and are very easy to clean.

A large, beautiful rope hammock that is high quality and very affordable is the Hatteras Deluxe DuraCord® model which is made with non-absorbent rope. It is protected from sun damage so it retains its color, and is thirteen feet long, capable of holding up to 450 pounds. For under $200, you can fit two or more people on it and rest easy on its soft, synthetic rope. It is available in seven attractive colors, and looks especially gorgeous in King’s blue. If you would like a basic, single rope hammock, consider the Algoma Domestic Deluxe Single Cotton Rope Hammock which is made of 100% natural cotton rope for superior comfort. Extending to eleven feet, this model is nicely sized to accommodate at least one person and is very sturdy with its thick cord construction. For a truly luxurious rope hammock that offers the best in rope quality and style, the Pawley’s Island Original Large DuraCord® Rope model is a dependable, efficient hammock. Its bars are constructed of solid oak and it comes with the necessary hardware. This model is extremely resistant to stains and weather damage, making it one of the best rope hammocks out there. Compare these rope hammocks with fabric hammocks and decide which style is best for you before you make your purchase.