Small Details to Add to Your Happy Garden

You might be saying that your garden cannot possibly look any better than it does at this very moment. You carefully planned ahead, so all your plants are balanced, and there is always something blooming. So, you may already have an enchanted display. After all, nothing can compare with natural beauty. However, there are a few elements that can take that stunning visual display to the next level. You might not believe it now, but you will as soon as you add one of these elements and create a happy garden.

Explore these inspiring outdoor garden ideas to transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting oasis.

man and woman garden statuary

Solar Garden Stakes

Do your flowers pretty much become invisible at night? They just fade into the darkness, totally unappreciated until daybreak.

Solar garden stakes change everything. Place them amongst blooming flowers, so even at night, you can see their beauty.

Since solar garden stakes feature LEDs, you don’t have to worry about a hot light casing bothering delicate flowers. When placed along edges of flower beds they reduce the risk of guests trampling them in the darkness, too. Proper lighting is crucial.

First, it is definitely nice to be able to see who you are talking to and if the noise you hear from the trash cans is a raccoon or the neighbor’s dog. Second, it is important that guests be able to see steps to the porch and patio, as well as edges of flower beds and uneven sidewalks.

Solar lighting will help. Thanks to the sun’s rays, you no longer need to fuss with electrical wiring to illuminate your outdoor living space. Solar lights come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are even atmosphere bowls that change colors and are perfect for entertaining.

Solar Fountains

You very well may already have a gorgeous water feature on your deck or patio. You might even have a large tiered one acting as a garden center in your front yard. This is great, but you can never have too many. A solar fountain placed in a garden, outdoor spaces, or flower bed breathes new life into the space, even if you didn’t think it needed it. Plus, it will attract pollinators to drink, which is always good news for blooming plants.

Choosing a garden fountain with LEDs will complement your collection of solar lights nicely. Lastly, they will help mask the noise. So, if you have a noisy neighbor that you know is eavesdropping on your conversation you do not have to whisper so quietly that you can barely hear one another. The sound of cascading water will create a nice barrier between you and your neighbor.

 three tier longvue outdoor water fountain

Garden Statuary

Everything from garden gnomes to frogs to gargoyles falls in this category. There is nothing quite like walking along a sidewalk and noticing a charming piece of garden statuary in a totally unexpected place.  Even if you are the only person to ever see it, it is sure to invoke a smile.

Here are some of our favorites: Make your garden or backyard your own personal oasis where you can get back in touch with nature by adding your favorite animal statuary.

These carefully crafted cast stone garden statues can also be used to personalize your outdoor sanctuary with a touch of wild and natural beauty. Animal statues add character to your outdoor space or garden centers and will charm your guests. Place this outdoor décor nestled among the plants, besides a water feature or pond, or tuck it away in a forgotten patio corner, these delightful animal statues are sure to lend a touch of cheer.


 champion animal statuary

The Champion will make the perfect fit for someone in your life. It is a beautiful and majestic bust of a horse; place it outdoors for an elegant focal point, or perhaps on a shelf for added decoration. This also makes a great gift idea for any horse lover.

Hemingway Cat

hemmingway cat statue

Small in size, but big on character, the Hemingway Cat will add a fanciful touch to your garden. Her majestic personality shines so clearly through in this wonderful statuary, sure to be recognized by all cat lovers. The premium cast stone construction and authentic finish  will ensure that this playful statue will enhance your décor for years to come.

Lab Pup

lab pup animal statuary

This adorable, cast stone Lab Pup will add a fanciful touch to your happy garden. You will look at this adorable statue and think of your very own puppy, carrying a stick, and begging you to play with him. Enrich any outdoor setting with this one of a kind statue.


seahorse statuary

The Seahorse will add an element of playfulness to your own garden or yard. Head tucked and tail curled, this magnificent, cast stone statue makes a wonderful accent for a pond or pool area. Your guests will delight in the seahorse’s grace beautifully captured in this garden statue.

Birds On A Log

birds on a log garden statue

This friendly Birds On A Log will give your porch or patio a warm welcome. It’s incredible detailing will make everyone wish they had their own. Enjoy the character this wonderful garden statue will add to your setting.

Merrie Little Owl

merrie little owl garden statue

The Merrie Little Owls sure to bring a smile to each and every garden visitor’s face. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of this piece is exceptional. This beautiful statue is available in your choice of distinct finishes.

Fat Rabbit

fat rabbit cast garden statue

Delightfully appealing, the Fat Rabbit liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. This ultra strong quality garden statue represents the highest level of design, engineering, construction, and materials. Make  a unique personal statement  in your home or garden.

Turtle Garden Planter

turtle garden planter

This detailed Tortuga Turtle will make an exciting focal point when placed in a flower bed amongst your beautiful blooms, causing viewers to be quite surprised at the lifelike appearance of this little statue. Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States from premium cast stone concrete.


dragonfly cast statue

Place the Dragonfly within your home or yards to always have a friend watching over you. This beautiful statue sits upon a replica of a rock, just as you would see him in your backyard. This handcrafted statue is a perfect addition for any garden or home.

Yoga Cat

yoga cat cast statue

This Yoga Cat is sure to add an interesting and exciting feature to your garden setting. This statue is sure to get noticed and be enjoyed by all, it also makes a really nice and unique gift as well. It makes an adorable and fun display for your home or garden.


snail cast stone

Notice the exceptional detail in this beautiful Snail! The shell of this refined statue has  a subtle ribbed texture  with curving lines that lead to the center of its spiral shell. Exceptional detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in this magnificent piece.

Autumn Chipmunk

chipmunk cast stone

A wonderful way to welcome your guests, the Autumn Chipmunk is a charming addition to any home, garden, or patio. Gathering nuts for the winter, the statue carries his bounty in his little arms as he sits atop a small rock. Add a whimsical touch  to your home or garden with this charming accent piece.


mouse cast statue

With the wide selections available for the Mousie you can make him look just like your very own pet! He is designed to appear like a real mouse, and features stunning attention to detail. The perfect gift or addition to your home.

Golfer Frog

golfer frog cast statue

The Golfer Frog is a beautiful statue that will be  a welcome addition to your yard.  It will liven up any water pond, patio, or garden. The rich detail is evident in every element of this magnificent cast stone statue.

Furniture and Unique Centerpieces

They say that if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. This goes for furniture and décor, too. Of course, the five elements on this list never really went “out” of style; they are simply seeing a huge rebirth in popularity.


wooden garden bench

These pieces are so popular because they are simple but stylish, and interesting yet practical. Benches are ideal to place virtually anywhere. Nicer ones with swing canopies or those made of eucalyptus can be used as your primary seating on your patio or covered front porch. Those made of wrought iron are perfect to use to create a sitting area in the middle of a flower garden. Some people also like to put them by the backdoor or in the mudroom so everyone has something to sit on while putting on or taking off shoes. You do not even need to use benches for their intended purpose. Many simply use one as an accent piece  in their landscaping.


blue rooster rose chimineas

Years ago you could visit every home in any neighborhood and you would find a large percentage with a chiminea fireplace. Of course, back then they were made of clay or terra cotta and often cracked with time from the heat. Once they cracked, many folks used them as planters or decorations in the garden. Modern chimineas are made of cast aluminum, and are gorgeous and much more durable than early styles.


modern tall outdoor lanterns

There is something about a lantern that is very inviting. Lanterns were replaced with more modern lighting solutions for a while but they are back and better than ever, because now they come in solar varieties. These practical lighting solutions are powered by the sun’s rays. This means they go anywhere. You do not need an electrical outlet or extension cord, and you don’t have to worry about seeing an increase in your bill.

Rain Barrel

It is a shame that people simply forget about rain barrels for a very long time. Sure, some folks have continued to use them all this time, but most haven’t. Interestingly, some of the younger generation thinks this is a new concept! As society becomes increasingly concerned with natural resources and water conservation they look for ways to do their part. A rain barrel is a positive change that is easy to use. Plus, today they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some even have wheels to drag around your yard to water your flowers.


Even folks who have no idea what a weathervane is meant to be used for are adding them to their landscaping. Modern weathervanes are available in an assortment of styles. Old ones often had a rooster on top. Although rooster weathervanes are still available, there are also some that showcase a dog, cat, witch, eagle, American flag, sailboat, golfer, horse, fish, angle, biplane, rifle, wine bottle, martini glass, and motorcycle, just to name a few.


If you have a small raised flower bed or even a bed that runs alongside your house, all it takes is something small to create a unique focal point. A gargoyle, gnome, or some other type of statuary is all you really need. If you are working with a very large flower garden, creating a focal point is not quite as easy. The eye has a lot of natural beauty to absorb, which can be a little exhausting, if they do not eventually come to rest on one knockout piece. The right centerpiece will draw the eyes deeper into the garden without taking away from any of its beauty. The things on this list are sure  to enhance the display of your lovely garden.


Urn Outdoor Fountains

urn outdoor fountain

Most people hear the word “urn” and immediately cringe. In this case, urn refers to the narrow-necked shape and has nothing to do with a funerary urn. Urns were widely used in décor design in the 16th and 17th centuries. Urn outdoor fountains are simplistic, but attract a lot of attention. Some are large enough to have a small pool at ground level, which will be appreciated by the wildlife that will use it as a drinking source.

Animal Statues

Whether you love bears, wolves, lions, or some other regal animal, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a statue of it. Just imagine a black panther statue on a bench or log in the middle of your garden. Animal statues bring the wild spirit and elegance of nature into your space. From lifelike replicas to artistic interpretations, these statues add a touch of charm and personality to gardens, interiors, or any setting.


If you have the patience and time to dedicate to building and maintaining a pond, this would be a perfect addition to your garden. Just be prepared for the long-term commitment, especially if you want a koi pond.

Garden Gazing Ball

When garden gazing balls first became popular there really was not a large selection to choose from. They were basic, but beautiful. However, if you had one there was a good chance that nearly all your neighbors had the same one to match. Today, there is a huge selection of them in a variety of colors. Plus, you can find pedestals and holders in everything from a flamingo to an angel. If your happy garden is extra-large, you will want a few of these.

Celebrating Joy in Every Corner of Your Garden

In your garden, it's the final touches that truly celebrate joy in every corner. Embrace the art of adding whimsical accents, colorful planters, and charming garden decor to create a magical atmosphere. Encourage nature's beauty by incorporating bird feeders, butterfly-friendly plants, and gentle water features. Design cozy nooks with comfortable seating, inviting you to relax and revel in the beauty around you. Infuse your garden with joy, making it a cherished sanctuary that brings happiness to your heart.

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