Tabletop Fountains

Tables are everywhere. We use them to keep our books in order, store our computers, and even eat off of. Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Fountains can give your table new life. Something as simple as a tabletop fountain can turn a table into something that can be admired. We even have desktop fountains specially designed for your desk. The simplicity of this type of water fountainensures that it is the easiest to use indoor fountain.

Table top water fountains are designed for any kind of table and can suit any style of home. We have styles to satisfy even your wildest interior designs such as a fountain that look like a pot or tabletop aqueduct system. These table top fountains can bring a sense of serenity and style to your home, making your tables and desks look simply divine. A small indoor water wall fountain is another option that you can hang above or beside your table.

Imagine for a moment your dining room table. You may have a vase, candle or centerpiece, but what if you could have something more unique and stunning to adorn your table? A table top fountain in the center of your dining table can add some serenity to a sometimes stressful place. A desktop fountain can make working at your computer more enjoyable.

The teams of skilled artisans we have at The Soothing Company are highly skilled and dedicated individuals putting everything they have into the creation of our tabletop fountains. Their passion and creativity comes out in every curve of our tabletop fountains and deskt op fountains. They work extremely hard and we ensure that no matter what they create they never compromise on safety. We also have fountains manufactured by the best small water feature makers around such as Bluworld and Adagio water features.

Water fountains have been found to have therapeutic properties. The soothing sound of the water can literally melt your problems away and disperse any background noise that may distract you. According to feng shui principles, water is believed to bring in positive energy to your life with the auspicious flow of it. These beliefs may seem foolish, but water can be a positive influence in your life if you simply wish to use it.

The sight and sounds of tabletop fountain or a desktop fountain will add a new dimension to your formerly dull and unappreciated table. We have tabletop and desktop fountains to suit any taste or budget so give your table a chance to feel alive and give it one of our water features. If you have a design in mind that we don’t have, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you create the tabletop water fountain that you want for your own individual taste. The Soothing Company is always here to deliver the very best and most unique tabletop fountains available or that we can produce.  Also, those that want to add a little fire to their water should check out our tabletop fireplaces that use clean burning ethanol fuel.  


Tabletop Fountains