Forsyth Park Water Fountain

It was in 1858 that this water fountain was first made. It got thorough restoration activities by year 1988 where it is located in Forsyth Park right along the corridor of Bull Street. The Forsyth Park Fountain was known to be a gigantic and ornamented fountain with two-tiered iron cast. It is surmounted by a clothed female statue which holds a rod. The water is what comes out from the rod which flows down from the top of the basin. There are four spouting swans too which were added in the pool and located far and spread out around the pool.

Forsyth fountain in Forsyth Park

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The entire pool has wrought-iron fence that is ornamental and high enough to children to be kept away from reaching the pool and the fountain itself. Inside, you can see some signature bricks where there are names engraved who are responsible for the restoration of the fountain in 1988. To reach the sight, there is a walkway made out of brick right around the fence perimeter.

The place of Forsyth is the first biggest park ever made in Savannah. It was pushed through the urban renewal activities of Paris during the 19th century just when wide boulevards and large parks were made. If taken in the economic aspect, both the fountain and the park would not have been created if the place of Savannah was not also reaping economic wealth then. During those years, every place went after the high bar set by the French empire.

When it was installed in 1858, the pool of the fountain was expanded and all its fixtures were re-arranged to control the water from gushing hard. It was supplied with fresh water and runs only during afternoons. By year 1860, the activity of brick paving was created to be around the fountain and this was also the time when the first set of repairs was made. By 1868, other new implementations were made as well.

It was Mr. Carsten Tiedeman who renovated the fountain once again in years between 1960-1961. He did it for the memory of his father who was a Judge and a plaque was even installed in the fountain to further commemorate it. Vandals also happened with this fountain where in 1973, one destroyed three of the fountains tritons which were discovered to have been just made out of pot metal. To replace such damage, new tritons were made out of silicone bronze by Tony Gilkes in 1974.

During 1977, another figure of the fountain was broken during an ice storm and was repaired with the help of some fibreglass and some resin as well. Hence, it became not anymore hollow while in 1977, it was the Rotary Club who financed the underwater lighting effect of the fountain’s pool. It was then improved with some fiber optic system by 2007 which illuminates metal halide lights. The complete restoration of the outdoor fountain was made in 1988 by the Robinson Iron Works of Alexander City of Alabama which was spent for fifty-fifty by the city government and other private donations.