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RT-3000 Rectangle AquaTower Aquarium

Midwest Tropical
SKU: RT-3000
  • Dimensions: 14 1/2 " x 10 " x 66 " H
  • Weight: 77 lbs. 
  • Material: Acrylic
  • 30 Gallon Style
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Freshwater
  • Self-contained unit with concealed filtration
  • Black acrylic base with crystal clear acrylic tower
    •  Set of Artificial Plant Decorations
    • 1 Air Pump
    • 1 Set of Airline Tubing
    • 1 Outside Power Filter
    • 1 Undergravel Filter with lift tube
    • 1 Fluorescent Light Fixture
    • Clock Header (Optional)
    • Blue or Black Background (Optional)
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty

      RT-3000 Rectangle AquaTower Aquarium is a welcoming and inviting display decor in your home. It requires minimal floor space that is perfect for any room display. It is made of acrylic material that is brighter, stronger and safer. Perfect for indoor application.  

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      • How do you clean this tank seeing that it is so tall?

        Standard cleaning protocols like draining the water, rinsing pebbles and plants, wiping down the glass and replacing the water can be accompished by using a pump system and a large bucket to empty the water, or even a wetvac. Although we don't offer them on our site, magnetic cleaning tools are available online that aid with wiping down the glass and keeping it clean.