Las Vegas Fountains: The Erupting Volcano and The Fall of Atlantis

Las Vegas Fountains: Erupting Volcano Fountain, The Mirage

By AnthonyDiLiddo - Own work, Public Domain, Link

This fountain will remain one of the most unique fountains in its own right. During day time, its waterfall stays peaceful and serene. But each time night falls, it displays an effect wherein the earth seemingly trembles and a few flames shoot right up into the sky with spewed smoke all around. Its fire shoots up for about a hundred feet above the waters. The waterfall suddenly transforms into something close like a molten lava.

It has been a consistent attraction at the Mirage in Vegas ever since the opening of the resort in year 1989. From then on, numerous audience spectators flood the place with all its thunder and fiery presentation. The volcano display is placed on three acres of covered water which measures up to 54 feet in height and circulates a total of 119,000 gallons of water every minute.

This volcanic fountain is placed in the expanded lagoon of The Mirage which is packed with waterfalls, greenish landscapes and waterfalls. The lagoon runs from the forum shops and down to the Treasure Island. The best place to watch this intricate display of volcano eruption is when you are by the side of the Strip when you are across the Venetian’s Campanile Tower. Make sure that you be there around ten minutes ahead to have a great view and you’ll surely be able to feel as if you are feeling real lava before it reaches the water. The show runs every 15 minutes days of the week from 7pm to 12 midnight.


Las Vegas Fountains: Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show, Caesar's Palace

Would you believe that there are statues that come to life? Well, if you would at the Caesar’s Forum shops, well they do! This famous Fall of Atlantis fountain show is situated right next to the Cheesecake Factory and known to be one of the well-loved attractions in Vegas.

It displays the children of Atlas fighting to take charge of Atlantis with the help of animated figures coming to life in this bright and modern production. However, the Gods bring in another idea of the skies parting and fire raining down. A 20-foot beast with wings sees over the destruction made. All this dazzling show is made to impress more with its surrounding monitors making it a more convenient presentation to see by everyone.

It begins on time but you need not worry even if you do not get to be situated on the front side of the crowds of people for you will still be able to witness it all. In fact, there are a lot more of exciting things to see even after the show is done. You can catch the tropical puffers, sharks and flounders in the aquarium filled with 50,000 gallons of saltwater.

You can also just choose to reach over the other side of the mall to witness another presentation which features animated discussions between Venus, Apollo, Plutus and Bacchus followed with a laser light presentation. Every visitor would surely love this treat of presentations.