Flora Fountain at Hutatma Chowk in Mumbai, India

Flora Fountain at Hutatma Chowk in Mumbai, India

Those who have had the opportunity to travel to India know that it is one of the most historically rich and naturally beautiful countries in the world. There is no shortage of striking architecture and attractions; the Flora Fountain is a prime example of the beauty to be found here.

Flora Fountain is the centerpiece of Hutatma Chowk, which is known today as Martyr's Square. The square is on Dadabhai Naoroji Road in South Mumbai, which happens to be a historical area. It received the new name of Martyr's Square in 1960 in memory of the peaceful members of Samyukta Maharashtra Samifi who were killed when police opened fire on their non-violent demonstration.

About the Flora Fountain

This meticulously sculpted outdoor fountain was originally intended to be placed in Victoria Gardens. However, it was determined that its current location was more appropriate. Its history dates back to 1860 when Old Mumbai Fort was purposely destroyed to help improve sanitation of the area. The Flora Fountain was built where the church gate near the fort was before its demolition.

Cursetjee Fardoonjee Parikh donated Rs 20,000 for the fountain to be created. Richard Norman Show was responsible for the brilliant design. Show was a talented British architecture, also responsible for Cragside, Lowther Lodge, Adcote, Piccadilly Hotel, and many more phenomenal structures. It was sculpted out of Portland stone, and the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India handled the major construction and placement.

The fountain is named after Flora, who is the Roman goddess of the season of spring and flowers. She stands atop the fountain looking out over the square. Interestingly, the fountain was supposed to be named after Bartle Frere, who was the Governor of Bombay when the piece was created. The name of Flora was much more appropriate.

Mythological figures perch at each of the four corners of the fountain. Water begins to flow from the peak where Flora stands over a series of sculpted pieces to finally look as though the mythological figures are behind a wall of rain.


This gorgeous piece can be viewed by visiting Martyr's Square. Local trains, auto rickshaws, and cabs all run to the area frequently. This is a touristy spot with plenty of shopping opportunities nearby. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation also offers open-air tourist buses that give you an aerial view of the fountain and surrounding display of Indo-Saracenic and Neo-Gothic architecture.