Corner Fireplaces

By taking your unused space and making it into the focal point of the room, corner fireplaces are the perfect way to transform any room in your home into the ideal family gathering. In addition to looking great, corner fireplaces are ideally positioned to radiate heat within your room. Similar to TV and Media Console fireplaces, corner fireplaces save on space. They create the perfect atmosphere, every time, plus the added efficiency helps to keep your room feeling more comfortable. Using this product can also save you money on heating costs. The Soothing Company offers a large selection of corner fireplaces to fit your decor needs.


Corner fireplaces

Corner fireplaces are growing in popularity thanks to their easy install and the fantastic atmosphere these devices provide. Any room with unused corner space can be the perfect fit for these unique fire features. Stop letting that corner of your family room remain empty. Now you can transform any room in your house into your relaxation zone.

The soothing flames of a corner fireplace can help you to relax. The real flame effects help you to naturally relieve the stress from a long day. Your guests will appreciate the hypnotizing dance the real flame effects provide. 

Modern Corner Fireplaces

We have a wide selection of fashionable finishes to choose from, including multiple brushed and polished metal designs. These high-tech fire features are precisely what your modern decor is missing. The Lynette is perfect for your contemporary space. Be sure to browse our full selection of sophisticated corner units.

Traditional Corner Fireplaces

Looking for the perfect fireplace to complete your classic home? Look no further. In addition to the beautifully streamlined Churchill, we offer traditional styled corner fireplaces to suit any need. Our designers are experts at creating traditional centerpieces that captivate your guests and get the conversation started. Our classic designs are sure to help you bring any room in your home together. Each of our traditional corner fireplaces is inspected to ensure only the most exceptional fire features reach your home.

Hi-Tech Features

In addition to providing you with a wide selection of modern and traditionally designed units, many of our corner fireplaces include added functionality. Add a remote control to create the perfect mood setting atmosphere no matter where you are in the room. Adjust the speed and height of your flames with ease using your corner fireplace remote control.

Ventless Corner Fireplaces

Ventless corner fireplaces are ideal for any room because they do not require any installation. These units burn clean. Therefore, they do not need expensive ventilation. Also, ventless fireplaces won’t stain your furniture like traditional fireplaces. Avoid smelling like a campfire by going with one of these impressive fire features.


The Soothing Company attained the reputation as one of the best fireplace distributors in the country thanks to our dedication to excellence. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our corner fireplaces. Each unit undergoes a rigorous quality control inspection before being released to the public. In this manner, we can offer the best quality fireplaces with confidence.


Don't settle for almost, our wide selection of finishes include wood, ceramics, stone, and metals. You are guaranteed to find the perfect finish for your fireplace. Don’t see what you are looking for? Speak with one of our fireplace specialists, and they can help guide you to find the fireplace style you desire. The Soothing Company offers full customization of all of our corner fireplaces. We can provide you with the look and feel you need to fit your décor correctly.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric corner fireplaces provide you with realistic flame features without the worries of an actual fire. These units feature cool-to-the-touch tempered glass to keep your pets and little ones safe. Electric fireplaces look great and can provide supplemental heat to almost any room in your home


Friendly Customer Service

The Soothing Company understands that you may have questions about your fireplace and we have trained experts waiting to help you along your journey. We can guide you through our vast catalog of fireplaces to help you find the unit that fits your needs. Our staff can even walk you through the installation process so that you don't have any problems with your new product.