6 Games That You Can Play with Bean Bags for Kids

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your kids entertained for hours with something as simple as a beanbag?  Beanbags for kids really do have the potential to keep your little ones occupied for an entire afternoon for evening.  A little bit of creativity combined with the right attitude will result in quite the enjoyable family experience.  Continue to try out new games and you just might make kids bean bag chairs a regular component of your family fun time. 

The vast majority of the games using bean bag chairs for kids merely require the beanbags along with tape and chalk.  Above all, what matters most is that you and your group want to have a blast.  If you are on the prowl for an entertaining activity away from screens that presents your kids with a social and physically active opportunity for fun, look no further.  Let’s take a quick look at some games you can play using beanbags for kids.

  1. Hot Potato With Kids Bean Bag Chairs

This game starts with your kids and everyone else who wants to have some fun sitting together in a circle.  Once everyone is sitting in a circle, put on a song that is a couple minutes or less in length and start passing the bean bag around.  The individual holding the bean bag when the song ends is to sit in the center of the circle.  The game continues without the players who lose until no space is left in the center of the circle. 

The last player remaining outside of the circle is the winner of hot potato with bean bag chairs for kids.  In other words, this game is similar to musical chairs.  However, the game is that much more enjoyable than musical chairs as it is centered on the use of comfortable and fun bean bag chairs for kids.

  1. Toss the Bean Bag

Also known as ban bag toss, this game is centered on a target positioned on the ground with tape or chalk.  The players take turns throwing the bean bags toward the target.  If the players get so good that they hit the target or get close to it with each attempt, move them a step or two back and start tossing the bean bag from a greater distance. 

Continue to expand the distance between players and the target until everyone agrees it is difficult to hit.  Another alternative is to use a smaller target as you get better at the game, ramping up the difficulty all the more.

  1. Shuffleboard With Beanbags for Kids

Create four horizontal lines with either tape or chalk, spaced out from one another along the floor.  Once the lines are established, have everyone in your group take turns attempting to slide their bean bags past those of competitors.  The goal of the game is to slide the beanbags for kids past the last line. 

Once a player slides three bags, his or her points are added up for a total.  Players receive a single point for sliding their beanbag past the initial line.  Two points are awarded for sliding the beanbag beyond the second line.  If the beanbag makes it beyond the third line, three points are awarded.

  1. Unfreeze Him!

This unique game starts with each player positioning a bean bag on his or her head.  The bean bag remains on top of each player’s head while traversing the play area.  The objective of the game is to keep the beanbag on top of one’s head for as long as possible.  If the beanbag falls off one’s head, the player is required to let it fall all the way to the floor and freeze. 

A frozen player can receive assistance from another player.  The player who would like to lend a helping hand can do so by picking up the beanbag from the floor and handing it to the frozen teammate.  The frozen teammate is to put the beanbag back on top of his or her head and resume moving throughout the play space.

  1. Tic Tac Toe Using Beanbags for Kids

Use tape or colorful chalk to make a huge tic tac toe playing field on the driveway.   Each player will take turns using two beanbags of different colors.   A total of five beanbags will be necessary to play Tic Tac Toe.  Put the beanbags onto each of the squares, attempting to position them so there are three in a row.  You can make this game using beanbags for kids that much more difficult by using a tossing line a couple steps behind the tic tac toe space, requiring players toss beanbags into the squares from a greater distance.

  1. Juggling

Juggling is certainly an older form of fun yet it will never lose its appeal.  Juggling is just as much fun to perform as it is to watch.  Though you will have to spend a little bit of time learning how to juggle to have any chance of doing it with several beanbags, you are capable of doing it.  Even youngsters can juggle with beanbags.  Do your part to make juggling with beanbags as fun as possible and your little ones will look forward to juggling with you and their siblings and friends for months or possibly even years to come.

Start out with a single beanbag so the prospect of juggling isn’t as intimidating.  Once you have learned how to throw and catch with a single hand, add in the second beanbag.  At this point, you can start mastering the art of juggling with two beanbags at once. 

Once you are comfortable juggling two beanbags for kids, incorporate a third beanbag to make your juggling even more challenging and impressive.  Focus on mastering your timing by throwing each beanbag after the other, before the next one touches your hand and you will agree juggling isn’t as difficult as most make it out to be.