Wall Fireplaces

Wall Fireplaces

Wall Fireplaces offer a sleek and efficient way to warm the coldest winter nights. When you talk of romance and winter snow, the only thing you need to complete the picture is a fireplace, the finishing touch to a romantic vision.

These days it is easier than ever to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in your own home. No longer do you have to install a complex brickwork structure to achieve your dream; a simple installation of a wall mounted electric fireplace is all you need.

Just imagine being able to curl up in front of your own fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite book. Throw in a bearskin rug and you are living the idyllic dream.

For less than $1000 you can purchase and install a wall mounted Gel fireplace that will match any decor. Best of all some ventless fireplaces are portable and plug less and do not require any permits or licenses to set up.

You won't need a vent either and to make things even easier the burning agent is a clear gel fuel mix set behind the built in logs. It will look and sound like a real wood-burning fireplace. Perhaps the greatest advantage here is that there is no ash or charcoal to clean up.

But a wall mounted fireplace is not just a utilitarian item. The range of designs and finishes make this as important a choice as any other element of your home decor. You can choose clear glass wall mounted models in square or rectangular shapes. Uppingham produce wall mounted electric fireplace with a high profile design that sits proud of the wall becoming a focal point of attention whether the fire is burning or not.

The beauty of an electric wall fireplace is not only the fabulous look that they bring to your room; it's the simple method of lighting a fire that does the trick. At the flick of a switch your fireplace crackles to life, no wood, no dust and no woodchips.

Wall mounted fireplaces can be incorporated into any other design aspect you wish, including shelving and bookcases, this way your new fireplace looks as though it was planned to be included from the start, even if it was only installed yesterday. You don't need floor space, just wall space!  Some people even place their wall mounted fireplace next to their wall water fountain.

You also have a choice of flames! You can choose the traditional log burning look or the more modern blue flame gas burner. You can even choose a traditional over mantel and fireplace surround that mimics log fires of days gone by. The choices are simply never-ending! When Stone Age man first discovered fire he obviously could never have envisaged that tens of thousands of years later men would still be gazing into the fire in wonder and enjoyment. How strange it seems that such a simple natural element could bring generations together whether it is an open pit fire or a wall mounted fireplace, the effect and romance remain the same.

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