Tabletop Fireplaces

Tabletop Fireplaces

Any room in every home can welcome one of the tabletop fireplaces we have here at Soothing Company. These are beautiful piece of functional art that create inviting and comforting focal points whether they are lit or not. Plus, unlike a canvas or sculpture this art offers a few benefits that anyone can appreciate.

When lit, these bio fuel and gel fireplaces provide a space with warmth. In fact, you may be quite surprised at how hot and realistic the flame really is. Plus, a dancing flame creates ambiance that is able to mirror the atmosphere. If you are alone, fire can be very calming and relaxing. When with a significant other, this art will help set the mood for a romantic evening. If you have a few friends over it can add to the party atmosphere. Since most of these styles are light enough to be portable you can easily move them around where they are needed. Many products we have are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as our Sparo Indoor/Outdoor Table Top Ethanol Fireplace. You can carry it out to place on your deck or patio and then bring it inside to enjoy while you are winding down for the evening.


The tabletop fireplaces we have here at Soothing Company burn either gel or bio fuel. Both are environmentally friendly and offer a realistic flame that does not create any smoke. Therefore, no venting is needed and no toxins are released into the air you breathe. This makes them safe and ideal to place nearly anywhere. You can never have too many of them either. Since they do not compromise air quality, they can even be added to the vanity counter in the bathroom to create a spa environment while you soak in a bath after a long day.

With tabletop gel fireplaces you will simply replace cans or gel as needed. They burn right around three hours each, and you can always extinguish the flame before then if you need to. With bio fuel varieties you will pour the liquid in the designated place and ignite. There are both fantastic options.

As you browse our site, you will see that we have a little something here for everyone. It does not matter what theme or color palette you have you are sure to find a piece that will complement your space beautifully. If you prefer the flame contained, choose one of our styles with glass walls. If you like the way the flame looks when it is uncontrolled, our Fuego Bio Fuel Fireplace is a popular pick.

Tabletop Fireplace FAQ

    Are these safe to use indoors?

    Absolutely! Table top fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors. Bio-ethanol fuel is a clean burning flame that is free of fumes and soot. The tabletop fireplaces we sell are also eco-friendly. Bio ethanol is a sustainable energy source. It comes from corn and the only emissions given off by it are carbon dioxide and water steam.

      Will the tabletop fireplaces give off heat??

      Not only are tabletop fireplaces beautiful but they also give off warmth. This occurs when the bio-ethanol fuel is burned. Since there is no ventilation necessary, all the heat stays in the room. It will not provide as much heat as a wood burning fireplace but it will still provide some warmth.

        What kind of fuel should I use for my tabletop fireplace?

        Liquid bio ethanol fuel is needed. You will need to purchase liquid bio-ethanol fuel specifically made for fireplaces. Do not use fuel that is NOT intended for ventless fireplaces.

          How do I add fuel?

          Carefully add fuel to the tray using a funnel while the burner is cool. You will want to store the fuel at least 4 feet away from the fireplace.

            Does the fireplace smell when burning?

            The bio-ethanol fuel will not smell while burning. It will have a slight odor right after it is extinguished but that is all. It will have no more than what a candle has right after being blown out.

              How do I light the fuel in my fireplace?

              You can use a long match or wand lighter when lighting. It is important to keep your face away from the burner because flash is possible. You will want to light your fireplace as soon as you fill the burner.

                How do I extinguish my fireplace?

                It is very simple. You can either let the fuel burn out completely (recommended) or use a damper tool. Tabletop fireplaces come with a damper tool or a handle to close off the burner.

                  How do I clean my fireplace?

                  Use warm water and soap when fireplace is cool.

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