Slate Wall Fountains

The Soothing Company provides only the finest and most durable slate wall fountains. Made out of slate, a material that has been used as both a roof tile and a writing implement, our slate water fountains offer both strength and elegance in your home or office for the perfect water feature and the one of the most modern modern water features around although we do have contemporary water fountains also available.

We offer a wide variety of slate water fountains; the Whispering Creek fountain offers the feeling of a tranquil calm in your environment. The Inspiration Falls fountain offers a rustic and elegant look that can complement any home and the great Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain collection is beautifully designed with magnificent trim finishes that can be rustic copper, stainless steel or even blackened copper to create a simply divine design of water feature. All our fountains make wonderful indoor water features.

The variety of materials we use to create our slate water fountains ensure that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. If you want a copper colored fountain, we have it. If you would prefer a stainless steel fountain, we have it. If you would like a water feature that shows a backdrop and emits a light hue of light into the room then, we have that too with our sunrise springs wall fountain. These water features are created by great manufacturers such as Bluworld and Adagio.

Whatever your slate water fountain needs we can supply them for a price that won’t break the bank. Our fountains can also add something to your office by adding your business name to the backdrop of the fountain in a logo water fountain. You can even have the name of a lover or best friend engraved on a water fountain as a gift. Slate water fountains are the ideal gift for someone who has recently moved into a new home, making a house warming gift as individual as their own fountain.

Our slate water fountains are made in all shapes and sizes, they are easy to install with only little maintenance and due to our safety features they are child and pet safe no matter what your children or pets do they’ll be safe from injury from our slate water features. The energy to use a slate water fountain is very low with only a small amount of voltage required to power each slate water fountain that we have on offer, if you wish to know the exact voltage of a slate water feature that has caught your eye then simply look at the specifications or ask us for specifics we do mind if you contact us. All our fountains are self-contained so there is no risk of splash or leakage from the fountains itself even water walls, indoor water walls or otherwise are safe to use.

Water can have a calming effect on the soul, with the combination of the look and sound. Why do you think so many people rent cabins on the beach? It is because the water draws them to it for relaxation. Slate water fountains are very simple to install, they can placed onto your wall like a portrait and require little maintenance. They offer a colourful and elegant addition to anyone’s home or office. If you have an idea about a particular design then you may contact us to discuss your needs. We may even have discount water fountains available so please look around.



Slate Wall Fountains