Marble Wall Fountains

Marble wall fountains are here at The Soothing Company. Marble, a material used in various construction projects including the Taj Mahal and virtually everywhere in the Roman Empire, can be brought into your own home and/or office with our fabulous marble water fountains that make great and enduring indoor water features.

Whatever your marble wall fountain needs we offer a wide variety of styles and colours to suit any room. We have fountains that have a rainforest motif giving the impression that you are in the Amazon itself or that a part of it has been transported to your own home. The colours also offer variation in the stone itself allowing the fountain to shine with colour. We have water features created by the great manufacturers such as Bluworld and Adagio. The deep creek falls collection of marble fountains can create a particular striking sight with various types of trim available. The sunrise springs variety is a profound and imposing marble wall fountain that can become the focal point of any room through its mere presence alone. The water walls they create are also a joy to behold.

Our Marble wall fountains offer various types of lighting that can be used to highlight areas of your home or office creating a hue that is both mystical and appealing. We have varieties such as the Sunrise Springs which are large imposing and oddly elegant fountains. The cottonwood falls fountain offers the sound of a gentle waterfall in your own home or office with distinct colours to give off the impression of calm. These varieties are only a sample of what we can provide for all your marble wall fountain needs, remember that whatever style you want for your own home is what we aim to provide so it truly is your choice even if you require indoor water walls.

The benefits of having a marble wall fountain in your own home or office are immense; they can give your own home a feeling of tranquillity and elegance. Marble is a strong and durable stone that can last thousands of years, marble statues at Pompeii survived a volcanic eruption and a marble wall feature requires little maintenance.

Marble has been associated with the classical age of statues and grand but somewhat blank white buildings but our marble wall water fountains have a variety of colors available for your home to ensure that your fountain is not simply an ordinary fountain. Our safety features ensure that the water features are child and pet safe to give you peace of mind and they are splash free due to a self contained environment so no risk of shorts or of your floor getting wet.

We have full specifications for all our marble wall fountains available for you to review so that you know what you are truly buying or looking for. Our marble wall fountains are not simply imitations they are always made out of solid marble that has been taken from the ground and can be highlighted with other materials such as stainless steel, it is your choice as our range is suitable for everyone although if you have a design in mind you can contact us and discuss it.

Water is something we all rely and our marble wall fountains not only offer an alternative drinking source, although we don’t recommend that, they also bring a classical look and feel to any room. If you want a strong and durable water fountain that can bring a distinct look to your home or office then choose a marble wall fountain. If you have any questions or have particular design in mind then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marble Wall Fountains