Logo Wall Fountains

Adding a company's logo to something make its unique and an extension of that brand. Wall fountains provide a great place to put a business' logo because its beauty and tranquility can help awe customers or raise the moral of employees.

The Soothing Company has the logo wall fountains that your business is craving. We can even create custom water fountains for your particular company.

Logo wall fountains are simply water fountains with your company’s logo etched onto them, and once it is on there it will take a lot to remove it because we only use the finest and strongest materials for our wall water fountains. We have marble, slate, mirror and feather stone materials all available for the fountain that your office may need. No matter what kind of a statement you wish to make with your logo we can provide it with our selection of materials, if you want some particular effect then please contact us and we will use our expertise in the art of logo wall fountain design to give you the effect you require.

Our logo wall water features offer a way of giving your office a distinct feel and atmosphere as clients enter, it can become a focal of your business where you can mingle with clients and visitors alike. It adds another element to your logo and shows that you have taken the effort to create a place of business that is different.

Our logo indoor wall fountains are also simple to install and take up less space than other types of fountain available. The materials we use in our logo wall fountains are simply the best we can find, some have even been imported from other countries to give you the satisfaction of knowing that your logo wall fountains are made out of only the best materials on offer on the planet Earth.

Our logo wall fountains are not simply a way of making your logo shine they can also be a very tranquil experience for visitors to your business or even your clients and they act as a natural humidifier so you get something that is more than a simple logo enhancer. We have fountains manufactured by the great brands such as Bluworld, Adagio Water Features and Kenroy. The summit falls wall fountain can make any logo stand out from the crowd and make a logo truly memorable.

Fountains are a simple and unobtrusive way of enhancing a room, if you place your logo onto a fountain and mount it onto a wall then that can only help your image. Image is a very important part of business today and you must give it everything you can. Our water fountains will give your image a little bit extra in your dealings and offer a way of adding colour and light to your place of work. If you have a particular design in mind for your logo wall fountain then please contact us and we will be happy to help you to create a custom water fountain of your own design. The Soothing Company is always here and available for any logo wall fountains that you wish to have for your business; if you want a design then we can supply it.

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Logo Wall Fountains