Large Wall Fountains

Nearly everyone has come face-to-face with a large wall fountain that stopped them in their tracks. After all, these striking and extravagant pieces are often seen at high end spas, wine bars, martini lounges, and casinos. So, if you are like many others, you may automatically associate these wall décor pieces with being solely for commercial use. However, this is not true.

Yes, large wall fountains are very commonly used in businesses, but they are absolutely perfect for residential use, as well. Just imagine the look on the face of your boss, mother-in-law, and other guests when they come over for a simple dinner party, but are greeted by a piece of beneficial art that everyone is talking about. If you want to give a room in your home the ultimate focal point, you will mount one of the large fountains we have here at Soothing Company on one of your walls.

Few people shopping for large wall fountains are prepared to be faced with such a diverse and extensive selection. We appreciate that every home and personal taste is different, so we keep our inventory filled with a variety so there is something for everyone.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Wall features are taller than they are wide while horizontal ones are wider than they are tall. You may want to look at the wall and room you are shopping for to get an idea of which style you think would look best. It should be noted that some offer the illusion of being vertical but they are actually horizontal. Our Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain is a prime example. Three vertical faces sit side-by-side to really give a room a ton of sophistication. It is one of our most popular pieces for good reason.


If you are only familiar with a few common materials then you will likely be pretty blown away and overwhelmed when you browse our selection here.

Stainless steel and mirror paired together looks amazing in nearly any space. Plus, the reflective nature of mirror makes the space appear larger. Marble and slate are both beautiful materials and available in a few different finishes. Since these are natural materials, the patterns are always different, so no two pieces are identical.

In recent years, copper has virtually exploded in popularity. It is used for the frame in most cases, but sometimes it is the main material. The reddish-gold hue offers layers of depth. Lastly, you will also find large art wall fountains here at Soothing Company. Some are paintings on a special canvas that are brought to life as the water flows in front, while others are three-dimensional sculpture-like creations. One thing is for sure, they are all artistic masterpieces.



Large Wall Fountains