Tiered Outdoor Fountains

Nothing brings classic elegance to a property quite like tiered outdoor fountains. This could be because many of the world's most significant water features boast this striking design. Watching the water begin at the top tier and then cascade over two or more additional levels has a way of capturing and holding your attention.

Many picture a fountain with a pedestal and two or three round tiers that decrease in size as you reach the top. Well, although we have many of these recognizable pieces, we also have some that offer more unique styling. Some boast an extra-large basin that sits on the ground, which is what you see when you look at our Tuscany Garden Fountain with 46-inch Basin. Then, we also have even less traditional ones, like our Alpine Tiki Fountain. It is not really what you picture when you think of this category, yet the water does still cascade over multiple levels so it still fits the description.


Here at Soothing Company we have a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from, so there is sure to be one to complement your outdoor living space. As you compare them you will notice that most have been created from cast stone. This is because this is one of the strongest, most durable, longest-lasting materials available for these pieces. If you want an outdoor fountain that will stand up against hail, wind, bird droppings, and other elements then cast stone is a material you should be looking at. Cast stone is easily manipulated into any shape and can be given virtually any finish. If you look at our Cobra Tiered Fountain with Cobra Pedestal you will notice that it is made of cast stone, highly detailed, and is available in more than 30 finishes.


Adding a tiered fountain to your outdoor space does more than simply make it more beautiful. Cascading water has a way of transforming any environment into a tranquil oasis. Placing one in the front yard will allow you to be greeted by tranquility when you arrive home after a hard day at work. One used in the backyard will help you create a serene oasis. You will likely find you use your back deck or patio too when you have the right environment welcoming you. The sound of the water acts as a noise barrier too. So, the only thing your mind will be focused on is the water, which means you might not notice the dog barking, or loud music playing next door.

Tiered Outdoor Fountains